Happy 4th Anniversary!

Seems like yesterday we celebrated our anniversary in Disneyland. This time, we went to a restaurant in the charming, historic San Juan Capistrano called The Vintage Steakhouse. Never been there before, was doubtful from the outside until my instinct told me to go. We walked into the what is supposedly an old train, and gosh, what a beautiful, elegant setting there! The dining place is inside of an old train cabin adjacent to the bar that is an actual building, connected to it. It is like walking back in time. There's the live jazz band by the bar and the cocktail list is ever so inviting. Service was great, we didn't have to ask for water and food is superb! We had the whole full course there with the waitress informed it was our anniversary. When main course was done, they asked if we had room for dessert. Love to! But we were so stuffed by the big, fat slab of steak and mussels for appetizers. In addition to that, I chowed down almost all of the fresh out of the oven dinner rolls, dipped in goodness of white wine mussel sauce. Gahh!

We were pleasantly surprised when the waitress came by with a big piece of square white plate, with happy anniversary written on it. How sweet! It was complimentary. That makes it sweeter! :) And yes, I clean the plate. Even the words were gone.

The most meaningful anniversary, yet. We did not have any expectation going to the restaurant. We were busy during the day, had a quick shower and headed out. I have no make up on except for mascara and a little bit of foundation. Yew Wai look fine as he is. But I wore a slightly torn knitted blouse I bought 12 years ago. Something I wasn't able to wear for a long, long time and finally was able to! Which I paired it with a pair of shorts and sandals, hair still wet and clip up while eating. We were both clearly underdress. I underestimated the formality of its settings. But that's what makes it more memorable, isn't it? The little details and quirks we make.

Our 4th year now... yep... am feeling it. haha Don't ask infant question.

Hint: The time will come and it is not now! haha

The dessert is the signature little train on the railway track. The blueberries are the wheels. They are crunchy baked phyllo doughs with the cinnamon cream sandwich between, drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauce all over it. Yum!

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omg! i love these photos!

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