Hi there, my name is Jessie Chiang. Born and raised in a gypsy-like family in Malaysia, I am a small town girl at heart. At any given time, I am most fulfilled when there's good food, good company and good conversation around. Although I have a love to indulge in all things luxurious, I dislike the bling-bling culture and/or catching up with the Joneses. I try to make do with what I have and create my own. Frugal living is my mission to save money - it is a never ending quest. I love saving, reusing and recycling. I find passion in DIY projects when time permits and also sought pleasures in natural remedies, vintage items and fashion.

Being abroad, I (still) get homesick. I stay in touch with my family and friends at least once a week. They are the ones that kept me sane and true to myself over the years. But when time difference became a big obstacle in communication and despite knowing my non-prolific self, I gave in to pleas of close friends and created my blog, Jessie Jots.

The blog began with documentation of my story after marrying my then boyfriend of five years and living the American life in Minnesota for six years. When I thought I was about to settle down in the comfort zone, surviving the cold, we found our mundane life begin to roll when my husband received an unexpected offer and we happily agree to move - in two weeks.

Two years later and though we're still intimidated by the OC lifestyle, my husband and I have adjusted well to the warmer weather. We had recently purchased our first nest, and are now happy to announce Orange County our home with our cat, Pipi! As an aspiring graphic designer and illustrator, I also attend the Laguna College of Arts and Design and hope to do my best in prints and web design in the near future.

Welcome to read on and unravel with us, as our life unfold. Just make sure you drop a comment and say Hi on Jessie Jots :)