The Halloween Scare

Last Halloween, October 31st, Yew Wai and I was out the whole day. We went to an art gallery, had lunch at In-N-Out and wandered around town, enjoying the wonderful weather. The Halloween spirit was up and around. Usually, I have lots of candies and chocolates for Halloween every year but I never get any trick or treaters before, which was why I did zero prep for this year. Also, my other reasons are...

Number 1: I have no money allocated for super nice Halloween decoration

Number 2: I'm pretty sure no trick or treaters will come and get candy because I don't have Jack-O-Lanterns and we don't have any lights outside anyway.


Number 3: I'll be forced to eat them all if no one shows up!

So we came home that night at about 5pm with a set of 6 solar lights on hand.... Oh and some Ghirardelli Raspberry Chocolate to tame my cravings. Yew Wai was so excited that evening, that right after getting out of the car, he went to the garden and set the solar lights up. He wanted to do it before sun set, so that we'll get to see them how they look at night. At dusk, we were really delighted to see this!

For the first time after 4 months in this house, we've never seen our garden lit up at night and you may think we are a little crazy being this excited with a few LED lights, but we've always wanted to sit outside and we can't because it was always too dark. This thing is wonderful. So easy to install and no mess with wiring. All they need is sun light and a solid ground.

Satisfied with our solar purchase, we went in and get cooking for dinner. Before I could cut anything up, a faint sound of knocking came from the door. I opened up and there were two little kids with their Dad carrying a little Buzz Lightyear and his sister, a pink Sleeping Beauty princess. They were both so adorable! I was overwhelm with cuteness!

"Trick or Treatttt!" they delightedly chant.

OMG, my first trick or treater... what do I say? OMG I have no candy!! Wait... I may have some...

Immediately after that thought, Hushby came up behind me with that box of Ghirardelli. He read my mind so well but I guess the pressure was beginning to kick in that we both automatically thought "That box of chocolate has got to go!"

It is expensive chocolate by the way and by the time I gave two for each of them, I only have four left in the box.

We shut the door after they left and both Yew Wai and I looked at each other with our eyes wide open, panting - asking each other, why did they come in?? We don't have lights out. Wait, we have solar lights now! It's signaling "We're home!" We looked at each other again, thinking this is no joke, we gotta get candies. The night has set in, our solar lights turned on by itself - unstoppable! Nice timing! LOL

Pictures of other people's houses

Hushby quickly drove off to get a few packs of candies. I stayed at home coz' the soup was already boiling and I can't leave the uncut meat behind.

Then the door knock came again, and I opened. This time there was a party of 8 kids.... yes, 8 kids not including the Dad. All under 4 ft tall, chanting "TRICK OR TREEEEEEATTTTT!"

Ya know, I've spoken in front of 500 people hosting an event, I've done countless presentations and never had the slightest anxiety over it. But with these little ones, my palms were sweating, my heart was palpitating and I had no choice but to say "sorry, I ran out of candy!"

The Dad said it's OK, I already felt so bad at that point. All the kids were giving me that puppy look!

"But I do have four left?"

And they squeal with excitement, all pushing their baskets to me fighting for that 4 expensive Raspberry Chocolate that I will never have! Sigh!!

Hushby came home after what seem like eternity for me, protecting the fort by myself. As soon as he poured out the bags of candies, the knocking on the door got even more frequent. So frequent that the gate did not even have a chance to shut itself! And I'm not kidding!

What a crazy night! The Halloween scare! That solar lights giving out wrong signals! Ah what a timing!

On a brighter note though, it sure was a very exciting occasion for us especially having seen the little ones which I learned later, every household look forward to for Halloween. It was cuteness overload for me and I treasure the chance being "scared" for once :)

With that said, I shall be more prepared next year. Possibly even considering dressing up to scare the little kids back :)


Jen W. said...

Sounds like your first halloween in your house was memorable!! We had 200 trick-or-treaters this year...yes, 200! 65 shy of last years total! Dress up next year, it is a blast and the kids get a kick out of seeing an "adult" in costume! Halloween is my favorite time of year!

Jessie C said...

Omg! Do you have to buy a truck load of candy then?? lol!