When's the last time you've seen my vegetables?

Very long time huh! Probably a month ago... I guess I was away long enough that none of you have seen the progress. Here's the lettuce:


I harvested 2 good size tomatoes last week and I didn't know what to do with it until I watch Jamie Oliver on TV. Because I'm a big fan and his idea of veggie kebab sounds too good, we did our version with summer squashes. And yes we still have summer squashes coz' its still so warm out here. It's going to be a hot winter!

I'm not gonna bore everyone again admitting that I've been extremely occupied with school, especially that midterm has just passed and especially wanting to eat well, cook at home and stay out of sickly people and avoid being sick... it's just all too much to take but I shall persist!

Happy Deepavali to all my Indian friends :)


zleenz said...

hey look... Farmville!

joreen.chan said...

Awww... you are already harvesting your veggies... *jealous* I shall work the garden harder. Hahahaha...