Study Room Update

Remember back in July, we tire our muscles and rush to get the floor of the rooms done? It seemed so long ago. We used to sleep in this room with our bed there, a chest of drawers and 2 luggage because it was the only room that was strategically available due to the construction work. The master bedroom at that time was under renovation and the other room, Grey room had all our furniture and boxes in it, that filled up all the space except for a little pathway. Study room was our only real estate sanctuary but even that, it was icky. The carpet and the smell of it was... ok let's not go there.

So that's how it looked like when we had all essentials out of it. The bed and a chest of drawers, at this point, had been move to the master bedroom.

After the carpet was torn, the wood floor was put in.

Then we had the baseboard in. The baseboard is not that noticeable here because of the obvious mess I made but there is difference in real life. We sealed the gap between the board and the wall with a latex solution and then painted it with glossy white. So in actuality, the baseboard is glossy and the pattern really comes through with the paint. And because it's so white now, it also shows off the grey tint on the wall which I kinda like. But sooner or later, I'd want to paint the whole room white to benefit a work room.

The IKEA white table is now longer than it used to be. That's because we bought an extension and connect it to the original piece. We refused to get another computer table for the desktop as it may take up more unnecessary space. Since the two computers share a printer and other miscellaneous office supplies, it only make sense to sit both on one desk.

We have two more shelves to mount on the wall which I'm sure will clear up my table space. At the mean time and as you can see hiding in the closet *shy*, there's more stuff, still in boxes, mostly books actually.

Just a fun info. We unscrew a wall socket because of an internet wire but to cut the long story short, when the socket was taken out, we found out that the actual color on this wall was a bright pink! Looks like it might have been a little girl's room prior to the last owner. After seeing that, I'm thankful for the light khaki grey. No designer would want a pink room! It would have damage all the colors I see.

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