Upstairs Hallway & Study Room


Here's the before and after.

Study Room

Shot 1: BEFORE
Shot 1: AFTER

Shot 2: BEFORE
Shot 2: AFTER

Shot 3: BEFORE

Shot 3: AFTER




Looking at these pictures make me cringe. Reminded me of us exerting our energy during the hours and hours of laborious work. The hallway took us several days to complete whereas the room only took one day! Why? The transition from the laundry room's (left door) tile to wood floor consumed a lot of brainstorming energy as the wood has to be measured precisely for it to slot underneath the door moulding.

We installed the T-moulding, a cap-like piece of wood to cover and hide the edge of the tiles and wood. It is done so for aesthetic reason, to create that seamless transition and also, so that you don't cut your feet when walking on it. The walls are a bit crooked too, as a result of god knows how many earthquake Seventy-Seven has been through. So, we had to take several measurements throughout the one plank of wood to make sure they fit without having to do corrections. When we had to do any wood cutting, the wood are taken downstairs, sawed and then taken upstairs again. That was my job because Yew Wai's primary responsibility is spreading the glue on the foundation. Can you imagine doing that for almost every plank? Me neither but I did it and I can't believe I did all of it.

Everything is painfully aching now, especially my fingers and arms. But I have to admit, it is so worth it. I can walk with my bare feet again. After wearing slippers upstairs for a month now, it is the best feeling ever.

Two more sections before we can go slipper-free though. Such as the Stairs and the Guest Room aka the Grey Room is yet to be completed. And we're rushing to finish the Grey Room this weekend. Just when I thought I was going to be on my own for the rest of summer, a news sent through a phone call decided that my lonesome spell is soon to be broken. Next Tuesday, my in-laws are arriving from Kuala Lumpur! Awesomeness.

And my father-in-law has already told us to get the tools ready for him. When I heard that, I sighed a huge relief! I really do not look forward to doing the stairs. It is really complicated even though I have tried not to complicate things. I'm just glad someone else is going to help because it is the last section and this is the "do or die" part.

Another non-related, syok sendiri update. My former real-estate agent, Tracey dropped by last Sunday. She is the first person to see the renovation in Seventy-Seven. She went "Ooo" and "Aaaah" at the floor and wall paint, and we got the biggest compliment ever. She said the house is looking very Anthropologie-like. And I thought I was at lost with what the interior of house is suppose to be!

That's enough to make my day. =D

Hopefully I can do yoga later.


janediva said...

Yes!!! Anthropologie ruless. Great job Mr. and Mrs. Tham.

Steven Sim said...

excellent! i can understand the feeling of "achievement" when spending time and effort on your own nest. The thought of curling up in the cozy home on a lazy weekends, all worth the pain!

We are trying to pick up phase 2 as well...slow slow slow...grrr...

Steven Sim

Jessie C said...

Thanks Jane!

Sim. Yes, very worth the pain. In fact, it's getting addictive, am I weird or what! What is phase 2? :)

Steven Sim said...

are you weird? Not at all! I can write a thesis on this, but basically it's only human to enjoy the fruit of one's labour!