Never Say Never

I surprised myself yesterday, that I was able to do yoga when my body was aching. It turns out, I really, really needed the stretch for my body to release the strain.

In the past, and like I said, I did yoga but they were quite half-ass. I never do them well but of course, what can one expect? I only learned from the DVD.

I understood there were many reasons behind it - my lack of willpower, practice, experience and not-so-lean body were odds against me. Despite that, I practiced with the DVD for years and I told myself "I will never become these yogis".

Well, guess what? It's true when they say you should never say never.

I just saw myself in these poses yesterday.

Pictures courtesy of Yoga Journal

And these are the poses that I always start spazzing out and fall down. For the bend over poses, I had never been able to go all the way down and put my face to my knees. Usually, I get like a vomiting sensation during these poses but I didn't get that yesterday. Yesterday was different; I tried, it stay and I even took in 5 breaths before slowly releasing the pose. I don't know what happened but wow!

I'm feeling all zen now.

Have you tried yoga before? Was it hard for you?

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