Picked Up Old Hobbies

So, sitting around at home and working on DIY projects is getting a little uninspiring and sometimes, a little bland. The unpacking job is almost done now, the flooring needs intermittent rest for the glue to set before proceeding due to some reasons and funds have officially depleted, thus all DIY projects is stopping... for now.

Due to that, I have start being selfish and focus on myself as of recent. And I gave some thoughts about the things I have always wanted to do and I haven't. So here are the few things I am picking up now. It is keeping me going and it has keep my juice flowing.

  • Photoshop and Illustration
Summer break is about to be over. Having abandon all my school work for a while now, I have completely and successfully blank myself out. Recently, I volunteered to edit a few of Suying's beautiful photos and while doing so, I found myself rusty. I forgot where the short-keys are! Crap. This is not good. With one month left, I am getting the anxiety to go back to school. I am digging all my notes out and I've brought out all my old files for reference. I've seen all my other classmates starting their own portfolio and updating their resumes and I haven't touch a thing yet. Well, one more month to go! Right now, am going to work on small projects on my own.
  • Gardening
I have not touch any green growing plants since Fall 09. That said, it has been more than 8 months. With the help of Hushby, the one side of our garden is now free from ugly, rotting plants and gecko! Yes you read me right, gecko. EW! They are everywhere. I always had to make sure Hushby goes in and cut the bushes for a while before I touch anything. Just to make sure all geckos run away at the sight and sound of him.

He actually caught one while cutting and he hold the gecko on its tail. I ran into the house frantically and I heard him scream after I shut the door. I wasn't sure whether to open the door for him because I knew the gecko fell. Soon after, he told me he couldn't bring the gecko out of the compound because that lizard broke his own tail and fell off! NICE. So he's still around here somewhere.

So far the gecko has yet to be seen. But now that the garden is cleared, he is easier to spot. I have planted some grown herbs namely Oregano, Basil, Thyme and Rosemary. On top of that, I have seeds indoor of Ladyfingers or they call it Okra here, Red Chillies, Mint and Parsley. The mint looks like its dying now due to the dry heat but the Okra look promising with a tiny bit of roots coming out. Well if anything grows, I will make sure to post a pic of them.

  • Swimming!
I love swimming. Anyone who knows me well knows I am water baby. I grew up with water and I can float really easily. Haha! I love the weightless feeling. I've been swimming at least 2 times a week now when we found out our new residency has multiple pools around the area. Some made for leisure and some made for swimming laps, like the one below. It's a 20 minutes walk or 3 minutes drive to that pool. The best part is the water is heated all year round! As soon as I found out about this, I went to get myself a new Speedo. Bikinis is just for show and I haven't own a Speedo for years and years, can you believe it?! That's how long I've swam laps! And my goggles still work which I'm so happy not to spend another dime for another accessory and I have been swimming happily ever since!

  • Yoga
I haven't done yoga in 3 years. Well I can't really count that was true yoga, practicing with a DVD. I joined a couple of classes here and there before but they were all a flop. I didn't learn anything from the classes. So I stopped at one point - traveling and moving around also to note.

However, time after time, I still find myself missing yoga for its wonderful effect after every session, secretly wishing I will continue yoga someday. For that matter, I kept reading the prolific Ninie Ahmad, a famous Yoga Instructor and Malaysian blogger who has recently been banned under the Fatwa law for being a Malay practicing yoga. It is really sad that Malaysia, in spite of its modern developments, is still largely ruled by a religious state and Ninie Ahmad's yoga practicing is judge against for the exercise's association with Hinduism. Even after years of persistence, spreading the knowledge of yoga, Ninie acts of positivity are continuously suppress by a small group of Muslim activist, such as the recent case where Astro refuse to air Ninie Ahmad's appearance on a talk show. Her stories, kind teachings and positive words rings true to my heart. Her disappointment with the ban got me to understand that we have all taken yoga for granted. One hurdle after another, Ninie's spirit to stay strong is unquestionable, she inspires me immensely. That's when I realized... I need to start doing yoga now. And it is about damn time I stop wishing!

There's a class held here every Tuesday at the clubhouse at $10 a visit. I signed up six immediately after the first class because the teacher kicked my ass! Denise, my teacher exceeded my expectations. Her calm and demanding nature is great for a perfectionist like me. I always wonder how I do in certain poses and if my breathing was right. Now I know and I even start sweating, which I have never. My yoga teacher would come over from time to time and she help push me further. When I thought I was pretty good with downward dog, she pushed my back, forcing my stomach to go forward and at that instant, I felt that was a different stretch altogether! It is amazing to feel the real stretch of what downward dog could bring.

Last class, we spoke a bit. She asked me if I was a gymnast when I was little. Me? I wish! Haha Complimenting on how flexible I am with minimal exposure to yoga in the past, I have gain a bit of confidence. I only need to work on my strength.
I'm thinking of investing on a really good mat because my current mat is 5 years old and it has seen snow and desert. It is causing a lot of angst when I slip with my own sweat and fell on a half moon pose (above). Any recommendations on mat other than Lululemon's?

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