Wow can't believe how fast time flies. Looked like my last post was ages ago. My apology, yet again, for being the most inactive blogger ever. The holiday season is here and I am expecting 3 different parties of guests arriving in one week interval. It's going to be hectic but fun! There were a lot of things needed for the house that is still bare from necessities, so we took a lot of weekends off just for shopping. With groceries and christmas shopping combined, it was a bit hectic! Good thing though, that's all covered before Thanksgiving was here!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, you guys know who came for the break! It was Jane!

Here's proof of what we did:

At the Malaysian restaurant called Belacan Grill. We ordered Belacan Kangkung, Tumis Shrimp and Curry Fish Head. We ate like there's no tomorrow and started speaking Malay with the waitress who was quite impressed that she was able to converse with us, true Malaysians. We walked out from that restaurant 5 pounds heavier and Cooper had a little hard time driving us home.

We gave Jane the honor of harvesting our beautiful winter lettuce. Salad was much needed for the Thanksgiving meal and what better way than to enjoy our crops than this occasion? :)

Lettuce salad tossed with candied walnut and dried cranberries in white balsamic honey vinaigrette. The perfect light salad that we all needed before attacking the heavier dishes.

Hushby and Jane did 90% of the preparation this time. This year was much more relaxing for me, we even have time to play Wii and had lunch. I guess, preparing chicken instead of a big turkey helps a lot too. The cooking time was slash in half.

So, Thanksgiving break is over and done with. Jane's much anticipated arrival has gone too soon. Before we know it, she was out of the house and flew back to New York again. We did a lot in Seventy-Seven itself, I was glad to hear she felt comfortable in this home. Jane slept like a log each night and morning. I laughed sheepishly when she said she enjoyed sleeping on the $10 IKEA bed sheet. lol Jane is so funny.

We cooked together, had fun chatting til' late night like ol' times and ate like we hit puberty again. It was fun, so much fun I lost track of time. But all that catching up was needed for the soul. It warms my heart like a nice bowl of warm chicken soup. I hope she doesn't mind that I slept more often than usual too. All those Thanksgiving food is making my body a little heavier. :)

Next Monday, another dear friend from Australia is coming but they are only staying for 2 days. Then, the Chiang clan is arriving all the way from Penang, Malaysia - something I waited 8 years to happen. Now I only need to wait less than 10 days before I see them, in my own eyes, in my own home. I still can't believe it until I see them physically. It's going to be exciting from today onwards. But before that, I need to finish all my homework!

Toodles for now.


♥ Ambia Aziz-Suhaimi ♥ said...

yeah...Chiang family otw....just wait arrrr...upload more photo dear...eh i coming to ur place also lah..can ar...?

Jessie C said...

u mean stay here?

♥ Ambia Aziz-Suhaimi ♥ said...

hahaha...ya lor.....jessie hospitality...if i come alone...kakakakak.......i'll be going to LAX next Feb...tour...:)

Jessie C said...

we can meet up for sure! :)