Weight Loss with Tim & Steve

Jessie jots...

There is always the first time for everything. This time, our first time doing double date for Valentine's Day. We went to see Tim and Steve in San Diego last weekend. Initially wanted to have Dim Sum for dinner but end up not having it. Still, it was Chinese food.

As usual, we catch up, tell jokes and tease each other... I always had so much fun meeting them every time. They never fail to make me laugh, cos' for one, I love sarcastic jokes and two, they are both so interesting, they have so much to tell. And I love to listen... especially all that history behind them.
Steamboat before Christmas with Tim in black and Steve in Red.

The best part of it all about meeting them is that they never fail to make me feel like a woman. Each time Tim sees me, he'd notice something on me. Once, he saw my wedding pictures of me having my morning make up done, he saw my bare feet and pointed out that they look sexy. I never give my toes much thought in my life, let alone feel sexy for it. He continued to say that not a lot of people has long toes like mine. Ok, he got his point across. I agree with him but still, I couldn't see it on myself. To feel sexy now after my pinky toe got injured and still darken from that accident? Maybe not.
But I do appreciate my toes more now that he said that.
I agreed with San who said it will be motivating to others (or at least only to San) for me to post about my weight loss progression in the blog. Nothing much to shout about other than that I lost three pounds in three weeks... technically, it was suppose to be four weeks but because I can't count the week I was immobile. So, only three weeks.
Speaking of which, both Tim and Steve who has successfully lost 15-20 pounds over the period of three months, believed that I must have lost more than that. The moment I stepped into their cute cabin-like house, they immediately said I look different and I must have lost some weight. I said three pounds, they said, "that's it?"

So embarassing, but I only started less than a month ago. However, it's making such a huge difference on each part of my body.

My pants isn't that snug anymore and my armpit fat no longer get in the way when I wear a sleeveless tops. I no longer feel uncomfortable with my double chin and no longer need to feel that I had to place my arms a certain way so that they don't flat out on my body and look like a flat tire. All that make a difference.

Left Pic: Taken in early Dec.
Right Pic: Valentine's Day

And see what Tim has to say after sending me pictures he took of us with his iPhone:
"I just realized, you didn't have your glasses on tonight...I knew there was something different about you! You looked great tonight, real leather shoes, starfish earrings and ring, wow!"
I only wanted to stress the real leather part, because I just wanted to say how comfortable they really are. LOL And Tim has to say just that to tease me. And see how Tim never ever fail to notice all the little things I do to make myself a wee bit prettier. Anyway, he mentioned all for the obvious reasons that I look different. I think that's because they haven't seen me with make up on, that's all. So I replied:
"Of course, other than the real leather shoe, I also failed to mention that I had a cake of foundation, some eyeshadow and mascara plus wax on my hair... "

Amazing how a girl can change so much with just a few touch of make up, per Jane's and Az's episode of Iggy Queen. So boys, don't be deceived!
I also forgot to mention that Steve was an ex-colleague of Hushby back in Minnesota. They both moved down here, probably two months prior of us. And since then, we've been making sure that we meet every time we get a chance. At the same time, it's so comforting for me to see them, having shared the same history, the people of the same network and the difficulty living in winter wonderland. It's really nice to have that sort of commonality and that foundation to feel secure and confident when you're alienated in a new place.

As we were discussing about weight loss and how motivating it is, Tim said I've got to look at his Californian driver's license. That's the best indication of what we used to be... because four of us who sat down at that table shared the same thing.

So we looked into his license, and then Steve's and I think everyone shook their head in disbelieve JUST how overweight we once were. I pulled out mine and realized, I do look kind of different too. A large part of it is the hairstyle and then, the face. In a comforting way, that I wasn't the only one who were having difficulty to stay fit back then.

I swear that wasn't Photoshop!
Looking at the comparison myself, I can't believe how much my look has changed. I feel better though, even my face shows and my skin is glowing, reflecting every light that comes my way! Though I have to apologize. Sorry to dissapoint you my dear San, I am not daring enough to make pictures of my body go public. The pictures are horrendous... and it might make you blind. I promised though that I did lose the three pounds and both Tim and Steve have inspired me to lose more.


zleenz said...

yaaa... if people puji (praise) or highlight things which are not obvious (more detailed)... makes us feel more kembang... hihihi.. instead of lame lines like "you are beutiful"... which is already so obvious... hahahhaha.. :P:P:P so pls be specific... aaaggaa... (VAIN COMMENT this is)

janediva said...

Yeah, I always feel kinda "offended" with generic comments such as "you're beautiful/sexy/pretty/yadda yadda". I rather have "your butt is perky, omg your hair is so long and luscious, I love your tan!" kinda comments. Susah eh wanna please girls? :p Jessie, your face is so much slimmer and toner now, I think I told you months ago :p You don't have to show the obvious, I could see progress everytime you post new photos of yourself. I guess CA is really doing good to your overall wellbeing. Maybe you did not feel much but I noticed you are more "ang geh" (rosy) now.

Anonymous said...

wooot! you go girl! it is inspiring.. the weather's turning warmer now, makes me wanna throw on a pair of sneakers and go jogging.. but.. now nursing stummie-ache.. sien.. so i'm in bed with the laptop on my stummie. wish pipi's here, then we both can get bedrest together. any remedy u can recommend dear?


Jessie C said...

Az: Yes a bit kembang with specified compliments but I was more impress with how they are able to take note of the little things. I swear, the starfish earrings were only a quarter-inch big. lol

Jane: You're right, seriously I don't feel much difference. When you said I lost weight, I don't feel it at all. I guess I wasn't tone in a lot of areas. But now I see the difference much easier.

San: Pipi will annoy you haha Sorry to hear that you're sick too! :( Depends on how you get tummy ache from... food poisoning? bloating, gas? indigestion? If food poisoning, I'll tried lemon juice, no sugar. If the latter, try ginger and lemon together, more ginger though. I have the tea sachets but don't know if Italy sells them. Works for me everytime. Get better soon! Let me know if I can be of help.