Pipi's Post Surgery

Jessie jots...

It's already Pipi's 5th day after surgery... she was doing well, started playing, eating a lot and all... until this morning (Monday) we found that her incision was swelling and it was oozing out clear discharge and some blood.

These pictures were taken on the second day after surgery. She wasn't as active as you might think looking from these pictures. Her body wasn't cooperating that a lot of time when she wanted to reach out for her toys, she would just slump over or lay down and go to sleep.

The shaved part of her leg for the IV drops.

The shaved part and her almost 2 inch incision wound that can hardly be seen here.

Concerned, I called the doctor and she told me to bring Pipi in immediately. I did just that the minute I hung up the phone. The doctor saw her and instantly she knew that the discharge was due to the body way's of attacking something foreign. She may reopen the wound and wash the pus out if any. Because of that, Pipi would have to stay over until later today for us to pick her up.

sigh! poor thing :(

Again she is gone for the day... and it's so weird not having her around. I really hope the vet can help Pipi feel better soon.

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Charlotte said...

Aw, I hope Pipi feels better soon! She knows her mommy & daddy love her! : )