Pipi Is Not Home Today

Jessie jots...

What a strange feeling that she's not home today. The sound of the bell, the greeting by the door, the crickety of the plastic bag... none of that. ARGhhh... and I feel horrible. I woke up early this morning, get dress and get ready for my poor little innocent kitty to see the doctor. I know if we don't do it soon enough, she will be rolling on the floor, meowing and crying all day and night until we all go nuts.

Since last week, we haven't been getting enough sleep. Pipi has been up in the middle of night, usually at about 3-4am, meowing at our bedroom door as if asking for help. The first few time she did that, we thought she needed food or needed to go potty. But soon after, we learned she was only doing that for nothing. She always had her favorite toy with her though, the green shuttlecock thing we gave her for Christmas. I got so angry at her that she wouldn't leave us alone (which she normally would) and kept meowing until we show up... which was really weird.

A few days later, the meows were longer and louder. We tried spray bottle, it didn't work. We used orange spray on the carpet, didn't work either. We ignore her, but we lose our sleep. And worse still, Hushby has to go to work early these few days for a big event. We both have been cranky and clueless.

Well not really clueless, I know what is Pipi up to. It is either she feels lonely or she is in heat. We went to see a doctor immediately on Monday and see what the vet has to say.

Part me of knew she wasn't in heat. Can't believe our little kitten has become an adult now. Well she is going to be... 5 months later. Technically, she's still a kitten? I'm in a huge denial phase if no one sense that. I've seen how a cat behave when she asking to mate, but Pipi didn't do anything like that. I know, of course the vet knew her stuff. Pipi is already 7 months old and suppose to get into heat anytime now.

Yesterday, the doctor confirmed she is not actually in heat but may be preparing to be. It is a relief to know that and also a relief to know she is better off without it for her to bleed less during the surgery. So, after the physical exam too, we quickly went ahead and make an appointment for her to get spayed the very next day... before we all get even more cranky.

So yes, I just sent my cat off for her surgery this morning... and I feel horrible. It's so not what nature intended to be... isn't this all because it is convenient for human? But if we don't do it, I can't take care of all her kittens. Where will they all go? Ah scary thoughts.

I wish I could stay and watch but the vet will be taking their time to do it and I don't want to look like a big pest waiting outside.

Wish us luck and most importantly, wish miss Pipi luck. I know she will be OK, she is a tough girl. I just feel bad, really bad for....

1. She hadn't had food since 8pm last night.
2. When I got up this morning, she looked hungry but she didn't make a single meow because I wouldn't let her.
3. When I said "Let's go"... Pipi walked into her carrier by herself!! :(
4. She had no idea I'm sending her off to get her surgery... that poor innocent thing! ARGH
5. Pipi clung to me when she was in the clinic! :( :( :(

I'm going to go vacuum now...

Look at that face... ugh

"Oh no, Mommy sent me off to the doc"

Well, I'll pick her up this evening and we'll see how she's doing.

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