Look Ma, I'm Afro now

Jessie jots...

Well I just learned that Steve has a not so secretive obsession with Afro wig and had fantasize about walking around the neighborhood wearing it. But now instead of him wearing it and walk outside, he made everyone wear that Afro wig and take pictures of them and probably going to start some kind of picture board. Everyone from his mother, Tim's cousin sister, Tim's mother, their dog Milly... and of course none other than my Mister Hushby and moi are probably going to end up on that Hall of Fame for Afro Wig board.

"Look Ma! I got Afro hair."

"Me is Macy Gray"

I think Hushby rock the Afro look really, really well, surprisingly. He kinda lost his Chinese look and went into a different race altogether, don't you think? haha

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Charlotte said...

LOL it's true, he looks really different with the 'fro!

And I *promise* I am mailing the invitations this week... not enough time in the day!