Immobile again

Jessie jots...

Ah the day I've finally surrender to an overworked body of mine. Not happy certainly but what can I do? It was the time of the month (Malaysian called it "auntie visit") and it's going like Niagara Falls.

Who said it's fun to be a girl??

This time, the excuse is no longer about a broken toenail or whatsoever, but I am back to immobility mode again. The day went by so slow when it happens. I can't do much or walk much due to the inconvenience of what might fall and stain on wherever I land... AND due to the inconvenience of having to wash an extra pair of pants! My first night alone, I changed four pair of PJ pants. Imagine the quality of sleep I get? Not to mention the cramps!

And who said it's fun to be a girl, again? :P

I'm dissapointed I can't continue to be on the path to fitness... just because my body fails to balance the imbalance hormone of mine. However, after all that the body had withstand, I think it is just asking the me to slow down. I get it... I get it...

but I really wanted to do more!

Told you I was going to pack that 1 pound back on. Sheesh

I get the message, slow down and rest. This is the only time I appreciate not having a job... or else imagine the embarassment getting upper management to understand that I have problems down under! But the reason I'm not embarass talking about it in the blog because I think most of you know me, and I'm pretty well known for having very heavy, heavy Niagara Falls. And the reason I wanted to say out loud too is because I hope I can get similar cases to talk/comment, just share the frustration. The more we talk about it, the more it will come to awareness. I've yet to find a solution and I've got this problem like what... since 11. I've tried Western, Chinese, Yoga, meditation... you name it. Nothing works!

Today is the 5th day and I can see 'Niagara Falls' is slowly drying up. I can't wait until Auntie is done with her visit so that I can continue to do what I do best... hamster activities!

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Charlotte said...

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles during "that time of the month." My problem is always really bad cramps the first 1-2 days. The solution for me was Aleve (medicine called Naproxen). My doctor said I can take 2 instead of one, and that clears up the pain completely! The only problem is knowing when to take it... if you don't take it early enough, the pain kills you for the first hour or two hours! : (