Jeans pouch

Jessie jots...

Well... remember I said when I was sedentary? I was going close to losing my mind until I found out that I could do something just as productive while sitting on my butt. Some people might call sewing as a job that is matronly. I used to be guilty of that too, but now I couldn't care less. I just want to make something and be proud of being able to recycle non-usable items.

Before I begin, please don't think of me as a super skilled tailor/sewer/stitcher whatever you wanna call it... I can't sew to save my life. Definitely not a Martha Stewart fan either! So imagine how bored I must have been to even think I could do something out of a small hotel sewing kit. I surprised myself I could even poke the thread through the needle hole. Luckily my vision is still not that bad, although the optometrist had claimed I was beginning to lose my near sightedness... am aging!

Back to the story... what happen was, Hushby has this pair of really nice quality jeans he got from TopShop when he was young-er. Now that he is old-er, he totally has no liking for the cutting of the jeans now. He wanted to donate it but I picked it up and found that the big crotch area is very much to my liking. Yes, I'm still in the mood for a pair of boyfriend jeans. However, it was at least 6 inches longer, so I cropped them away leaving what's below.

At first, I wanted to throw away those part that were cut and then I realized, I could make them into pouches to store stuff like my hair accessories like hair bands, hair clips and such, which I just found them in hidden compartment in a luggage moments before. So I thought, why not make the cut part into pouches? It would be perfect to store all that clutters away.

With limited threads, I went on to start sewing the cut part of the jeans, leaving the hemmed part open.

Man, my Kemahiran Hidup teacher would be so proud to see this! LOL

Flipped it over and I cut a hole in the middle for the button to go through. I hemmed the hole area to 'seal in' the loose threads, with the same stitching method.

Lastly, stitch the button on and voila, it's all done.
Took me three hours though! LOL

Obviously, not proud of the time I had to take to make this small little thing... But hey, now I got something to house all my little hair accessories of mine now! Yey.


Anonymous said...

well done! I want one! sewn by you though.. hahahaha..


Anonymous said...

so creative and prettyyyyy :D


Jessie C said...

weee heee thanks. very easy to make tho