Jessie jots...

To my Cutie Patootie,
To my Relationship's Spine,
To the Husband of mine,
Who is the love of my life.

Allow me to be poetic,
On this special day.

Let us look into our life,
And appreciate with contented sighs.
Let us reflect the past that we've shared,
To talk about our future and how we will fare.
Maybe a dream home?
Maybe a vacation?
Maybe the pitter-patter of little feet?
Which without a doubt,
I know we will take pleasure in.
On this special day,
Allow me to be appreciative.
To thank you for all that you have done,
And for all that you have endured.
You never tire yourself to 'work' for me,
You have never complain your muscle aches,
Nor have you ever yell for the bites and pinches I made,
Because I know you secretly enjoy me as your soulmate.

On this very day,
I can't thank you enough for that matter,
After seven long years by each other,
Not only were you looking forward to see me everyday after work,
You also never fail to hug me with lots of love.
You haven't fail to kiss me every morning before work,
With the softest touch you would stroke my hair,
With the lightest step you'd get out of bed,
Only because you just want me to take in more nap.
You haven't fail to hold me close,
And walk with your head up high,
Even when many thought you made the wrong decision
When you made me your wife.
Even when I was fat,
When I dress sloppily,
When my hair grew out,
And when I look miserable,
Nor were you ever afraid to stand by me.
Even after all the womanly tantrums that I've thrown,
For all the PMS that you've understandingly withstood,
For all the horrible dinners that I've messed up,
And for all the shopping hours you patiently waited,
You only continue to love.

For letting me be the proudest girl to say,
He is my Cutie Patootie,
With a picture of himself and a daisy on his head,
Is something a lot of guys would shy away.
But you let me do it,
In my blog,
Because you only wanted me to be happy,
To do it my way.

To my Cutie Patootie,
I can never thank you enough,
To share a life that is ever so interesting
with me,
To have faith in me,
To believe in me,
And continuously loving me.

And for that,
I can never thank you enough,
For the dreams that keep coming true,
For the love that only blooms,
When you unselfishly share,
and unconditionally care,
Every day,
Every week,
Every year.
I hope that I have done the same,
In all that I do,
Because you know,
I only meant to care,
And because you know,
I love you too.


Yew Wai said...

My dearest Jessie,

I cannot tell you how touched I am when I read this post and it just brings tears to my eyes (Other readers please ignore us as this will get really mushy). As much as I want to write here, I will only say this - There is not a day that I dont think of you, feel lucky to be married to you, and cherish every single second we have together. I love you just as much (even more if love can be measured) as the first day I feel in love with you. Thank you for always being there for me all these years!

Love you lots - Yew Wai

janediva said...

This is sooo sweet :) It's too hard to ignore, Yew Wai. I am so happy for both of you :) like reading romantic novel with happy ending haha.

zleenz said...

ahaha... yaa.. tak berani komen sebab YewWai suruh ignore... but memandangkan Jiuan sudah komen... i sudah berani... (apakah saya merepek ini)

Wei... sungguh terharu lah baca puisi ni... dan bertambah terharu baca jawapan Yew Wai... Saya gembira untuk kamu berdua...

*komen saya dalam B.Melayu... untuk anda memantapkan nya... supaya nanti pulang ke tanahair tak blur-blur pula... hahhahaha

janediva said...

Memandangkan azleena juga komen, saya nak tambah satu lagi. Merepek itu adalah satu kemahiran, jikalau diasah secukupnya akan menjadi satu aset.

Anonymous said...

wow.. i am all sappy and mushy dy.. i am so awed by the love.. happy (special day) anniversary, and many more to come..


Jessie C said...

Yew Wai, it has all been a pleasure. :)

Az, surprisingly, I faham each word. Just that, I can't reply you in BM! LOL Malunyaaaa Thanks tho!

Jane, tudia... the choice of words you use, very terror lah LOL

San, thanks for wishing many more to come. I think when YW ask ppl to ignore, it's so that they all don't get a painful PDA but manatau, everyone seem to want to get sappy. haha