2 down, 1 more to go

Can you believe it? I'm still writing November.

Anyway! My family is arriving this Sunday evening and I'm already feeling the jitters!

The jitters began with all the Christmas lights we see outside. Hushby being the competitive person that he is, felt inferior that we didn't have lights on. So we went to get some and added it to our small collections of outdoor lights. We prepped the house for Christmas as much as we could afford to do. The fireplace, the outside and all has been decked with beautiful sparkling lights now and it's looking extra festive! The Christmas tree, which is puny has tons of presents underneath it this year... so much so that it is overwhelming the little tree!

Oh can you imagine the excitement when they see their socks already hung at the fireplace? I'm beyond excited!

Aside from that, last weekend, another dear friend of mine and Jane's arrived from Australia. Though only a short stop before they head elsewhere, we had tons of fun which really made up for the lost time we had not seen each other. Los Angeles was just a detour from their trip and as usual, I couldn't be happier to show them around. Keat Joo and her Hub, Steve has always been such a delight to be with. Both bubbly, playful and easy going, there's nothing much to worry about them. No need to wonder if they would be comfortable in my home. Just like Jane, they both made themselves at home immediately.

The evening we met up, we chat til 5:30am. At 3am, Keat Joo looked into my pantry and found Har Mee (Prawn Mee), a Penang's favorite and she squealed in excitement as if she found gold! Soon after, Steve took a shot of us in our PJs, trying to cook the instant noodles. My oversized PJ is looking so loose here but it makes me feel sleepy just by looking at it. haha!

Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera around and didn't have many pictures of us while we were out. But Keat Joo has more and I'm pretty sure I'll have it when she gets back to Down Under. I had so much fun the 2 days we spent together, I almost forget about finals in school and that I have tons to do.

So, 2 down, 1 more to go. Hope there's more to come next year ;)
Meantime, back to finishing up my work!


zleenz said...

keatjooo! wow...
love the last photo... homey2 cosy2.. me like :D me miss all of u :*

Jessie C said...

Miss u too Az! :(

Purple SouL SARA said...

hahahha - i like this: "she squealed in excitement as if she found gold"
a fren of mine who went to study in UK, said he wants nasi lemak as soon as he comes back to homeground!