I Am Gonna Have Time For Myself Tonight

What a rare occasion is it for me to sit down with my laptop and not be doing work. Yes, today I decided that right after class, I am going to do whatever I feel like and not fret about getting homework done. Right now, I'm sitting on top of my bed, without Hushby but Pipe is beside me and we're having a good time relaxing, listening to love songs like Backstreet Boy's As Long As You Love Me... whose songs have always make every hair on my body stand but today and maybe just this not so cheesy one, I am surprisingly relishing it for the soothing melody and memories it brings.

As you all might have guess, I don't have a lot going these days now that school is officially taking over my life. Hence, nothing is really post-worthy. But I do want to say, I am beaming every time I drive Cooper to school everyday. And with Cooper around, I found so much spare time on hand now and can focus on homework better, rather than adjusting my timetable to fit with Hushby's. Suuuweett

I've not post any of my artwork here for a long time. The number 1 reason is that nothing of what I've done so far was portfolio ready. They were more of exercise work.

Today, however, I feel a sense of accomplishment when a design project completed. I finished my restaurant branding project for my Typography II class and when compliments flowed in from all sides, it suddenly dawned on me that I am really close to be a designer one day.

The whole process started with me coming up with a restaurant name, the type of cuisine and the restaurant's target diners. Rempah is my chosen restaurant name (it was hard to decide by the way) that serves Nyonya food but because Nyonya is hard to pronounce, I translated it to Malaya Straits cuisine, taking in the colonial era feel and heritage of Nyonya cooking to it. Rempah is spices in Malay language, and spices is crucial in all Nyonya cooking. Imagine its interior full of dark carved wood on the wall, the colonial dining set and batik for cushion covers and back rest. The food is of authentic Nyonya cuisine, something your mother would cook in the kitchen all day, with a group of other ladies and your grandmother overseeing and approving the preparation of the delicate dishes. The elaborated style of dining is something the very sophisticated and adventurous diners would find pleasure in. Somewhat high end but it is still affordable to the masses.

So I imagined that, and I took these ideas to depict them in the logo, menu, business card and website. The end result of the physical print out is still far from what I have envision but with time and money constrain to consider, I should not complain. After all, my high profile designer instructor really love it.

Black and White logo
4-color Logo

Business card front and back

Printed version of business card


I print, cut and bind the menu myself. And of course the business card literally took me half an hour to cut one. Yeah, it's no one to be blame but me. For the life of me, I just can't come up with a simple design and always complicate things.

So, would you order from this menu? Would you cherish the business card if one of these is handed to you? Would you take a second look at this restaurant with its logo out on the door?


It's 11.40pm. Sounds like time for zzzzz for me. Good night world and thanks for reading.


zleenz said...

better... i can soo imagine u running the business.
eh.. i can't order la.. non-halal.. hahahaa

Jessie C said...

Eh sorry :X don't mean to count you out but I'd so love you try Rempah. In actual fact, the Nyonya cookbook I referred to do not serve non-halal food. I added it because the menu had to appeal to the the majority of ppl. But if I do run the business, I'll make sure it's non-halal :)

janediva said...

I want to invest in Rempah!!! ;)

Purple SouL SARA said...

oh my goodness! this is sooo impressive!! speechless! can u open an outlet in BM...CBM-ers will be der everyday..

Jessie C said...

Marley, lol!! thanks! now i just need to find a cook who can cook us all this delicious nyonya food.