Lettuce Growing

Man I can sooooo relate to Jane and the amount of work she has to do. I am quite behind on homework honestly and I'm sorry to all of you that homework has been mention again and again but it is what occupies my mind at this point. It keeps me stressful, at a good level, and make me push forward and learn new things. I'm at a deep learning curve coz' graphic design and illustration is ain't easy! Who said it was?

Nonetheless, I still make time for my little garden which is growing like crazy. It has been 3 weeks since I sow the seeds and I'm surprise that they are doing well. Can't believe I have a green thumb like mom, guess taking cue from the master can make you inherit one. haha! Mom used to grow all sorts of vegetable at our backyard back home. From Kangkung to Kailan, and Eggplants to Bitter gourd. It was so much fun tending the garden every morning and evening. We even have our own chickens and we used their poop for fertilizer. Almost everyday, we would have veggies to eat. So much so, we even distribute it to our neighbors, friends and other friends. We were already living the Jamie Oliver's life even before he make it a trend. haha! I wanna do that again! *dreaming*

However, as with all gardening, there were pests. Mom's problem was with ants. They climb from trees to the ground, destroying the vegetables from root. Then there was the brown sticky slugs and snails. But at least they were easy to find. These pests can eat up the whole bunch of leaves as fast as one afternoon. One day, my mint leaves suddenly had holes in them, which I quickly concluded to some disease. So I sprayed the disease solution but later in the day, almost 50% of the mint leaves were destroyed. Curious and frustrated, I looked around and I found this green caterpillars, they called it green cloverworm. Fat as hell at this point, I quickly went over to a nursery nearby and get a big bottle of pest spray, safe for organic gardening.

They are gone for now which is worth the $10 but I'm pretty sure they will return someday. I managed to save some of the remaining 50% of my mint leaves and hope it grows before winter. Have to be vigilant with these guys coz otherwise, I will have nothing to harvest.

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