Garden Then and Now

*** Note: Pre-moved in. Look at the jungle!

You can't even see the existing bright pink mini roses on the right! We've clear out so much crap, including a rodent carcass. It took us over several weeks!

*** After moved in. Now the roses are blooming. Still blooming.

Anyway, one might think it's probably a little too late now to start a farm. The cold breeze is starting to sweep in from the sea, there's fog now in the morning - reminds me that Fall is here!

Nevertheless, the cold will never stop me from my dream of having my vegetable farm. I've learned that Fall season is the best time for lettuce! I got 'em seeds and will try to germinate that soon. I have some herbs and a tomato plant growing too. There's also some unidentified sprouts here and there. To cut the long story short, I did try to germinate some seeds once upon a time, several of which are Ladyfingers/Okra, Red Chillies and Parsley. I threw the soil and seeds into other pots after like months without any sprouts. Now they are growing and I don't know what they are!

So, I think out of desperation to keep the growing sprouts, I made Hushby to make me a structure for my raised garden bed.

*** Note: Notice the cut up carpet at the top of the picture? That's what's left after months of disposing them batches by batches into the garbage bin which they collect once a week!

Hushby bought three pieces of outdoor wood planks, a dollar each (!!!) and then start sawing and nailing all by himself. From doing that, we actually saved $60 dollars from buying the Raised Garden Kit at Home Depot!

Here's quiet entrance to a noisy home. Note that the mini roses are now visible? :D We brought it back to life after excavating all the other plants and gave it some TLC.

Growing herbs - Mint, Rosemary, Theme, Oregano, Basil, Parsley and unidentified sprouts.


I apologize for how disgusting I look on a Sunday afternoon.

Back to the garden bed, it is now mixed with one bag of compost and several bags of garden soil. Obviously it is not full yet, we underestimated the size of my garden bed. We've also mixed in some vegetable food into the soil, hopefully the veggies and herbs will have better time growing here!

My dream of a vegetable garden has come true!


janediva said...

Great job! It is my dream to have a vegetable farm too... can't wait to see it everything with my own eyes... the house, the garden and the car!! I'm gonna start save money now.

Purple SouL SARA said...

hey Jessie...
is this ur new home?
i lorve the farm idea wei... its very healthy by the way!

Jessie C said...

haha yes Marley, it's been 3 months :)

Mindy Lim said...

jessie... i love your garden...~~ it's so cool.. you can pluck the garnish from your garden!!
keep it up girl!!