Garden is Growing

So this is what happened after the last post.

We've added enough soil and we've transfered all the vegetable that needed the raised bed.

2 rows, far right, are for the lettuce that we sowed seeds on it.

While we waited for the seeds to germinate, the TO-MAH-TOES are turning red!

And more surprising thing grew up from the ground. I just discovered that this is the vegetable plant of the Water Vegetable (kangkung) that I threw in a dug hole of compost. Everything else rot except this. I actually had to dig the soil up to find out what this plant really is. :X

5 days later, little sprouts begin to make itself out onto the center stage!

These are the lettuce seed!

Hello Hello Baby Lettuces!!

More sprouts! I'm so happy to be this successful thus far. I will make sure they will live up to expectation. *fingers crossed*

Awwwww isn't he the cutest baby lettuce?! He is so cute, I wanna munch him up right now! Ok maybe not now. Patience is key to a successful garden and I shall wait until he's a big boy so that he will be in my bowl of salad. :D

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