Bad Week

We're at the final stage of our green card process now and that includes resubmitting everything there is that identifies you as a Malaysian and how long you've stayed in America ie. birth certificate, past employments, past residency etc. On top of that, we need to take two different vaccines, MMR (measles, mumps & rubella) and Tetanus, and one TB test. For some reason, we threw away the records of these vaccines being taken and because we have none for proof, we have to be injected with it.

I, however, had to take an additional shot which is the Chickenpox vaccine. Because I never had chickenpox, they are afraid I will catch it now and it can be deadlier when you're an adult. I knew I had the shot as an infant (according to Mom) but of course, the nurse refused to believe me. The worse thing is, the record on my photocopy birth certificate is not printed clear enough. Plus, who understands the writing of a doctor?

Just bite the bullet, I told myself. Why go through the trouble, right?

All in all, I had 5 different needles poking me that Wednesday morning, including a blood test to make sure I am not HIV positive. I became a little light-headed by the end of the fifth shot, which is unusual for me. Two of which are painful. The nurse told me to put my head down between my knees and it worked.

Ugh, the troubles we have to go through to live in a foreign country!

The day after, I caught a fever. Slept the whole evening and night, waking up feeling like that's what I really need to feel better.

It's now the second day after the shots, my left arm is swelling and it feels like a swarm of bees stung it. And then I received a bad news that my Cooper is still on hold due to a backorder of the window part. Apparently, the window regulator had to be replaced and it is costing them $300 to get it. The car dealer had promised that they'll fix any problems there is to the car before I drive it home, so I had no choice but to wait until all is clear, which could mean from 3 to 7 days more.

Nothing is good this week. The odd-hour carpooling is killing me and Hushby. He had to rush in and out to drive me to classes while I am adjusting to the new campus they just built for the Graphic Design students. The new campus is still in chaos, none of the scanners and big printers are working yet. The tech center people work like snails. There's still saw dust everywhere and the stench of fresh paint is quite bothersome when I have class from 10am til 10pm straight - in the same room! Some of my homework has been delayed due to that and now with the fever on? Nothing is done.

So, lesson learned! Keep all your documents especially all health records and vaccine shots in a safe box. You'll never know when you will need it.


janediva said...

Poor girl. Hope everything is back in order again.

janediva said...

I mean soon.