Not slacking, still working

Jessie jots...

I am feeling most unproductive today. Woke up at 10am, I am now not only hating myself for sleeping this much but I am also feeling sluggish. Doesn't too much sleep do that to you? I have a reason. The summer month is hot here. And I haven't got enough sleep since moving in here and in attempt to save electricity bill, we try not to turn the A/C on. But last night was way too hot, so we gave in.

Being that tired, I haven't been busy. Our home reno projects have to pause a few weeks - The construction workers need to regain their energy AND the funds has depleted too. Partly also because the arranging, unpacking also took a lot of our time and that is not a glamorous job either. We also had to go back to the old apartment and clean it up before handing the keys back. That took the whole day coz' Pip's fur is difficult to gather! Don't judge me.

Eventhough the living room is not done yet, I'm going to show it anyway and let you see where we are right now.



Temporarily, it's going to be this way. The couch cover is going to be swapped soon and we're still in the hunt for some window treatment. Maybe next year we'll get the TV attached to the wall above the fireplace but we need to save money first :(

2 weeks later and more things to get done. Don't even go upstairs, there's no place to walk! Again, don't judge me. All of our boxed up stuff is in one room, filled with clothes and miscellaneous items because the master bedroom is still under construction. We sleep in another semi-prep room.

2 weeks ago, our long awaited, first ever! refrigerator arrived and looks beautifullllll in the kitchen. The kitchen quickly look updated with the energy-saving big ice box. Yew Wai said "we have to accessorize it with stuff!" Of course, now the fridge is fully equipped... so much so that we are capable of grilling some lamb tonight. Teehehe

Last update is - now, we're still working on the master bedroom. Here's a sneak peak of where it is at right.


Work in progress

That's the walk-in closet that everyone go WOW. I am going to paint it a buttery yellow today to make the interior of the closet pop like sunrise. We're replacing the sliding door with a different type of door... wait for the surprise! The room on the other hand and like I told Jane, is similar to a cave in a paradise, hence the grayish blue color named Naturalist Grey from Freshaire Choice paint with No VOC which is the chemical harmful to our breathing. The bathroom will be a shade lighter than that grey, but that is going to be much later. At the mean time, we've torn the carpet out and the floor is ready for wood. Yes more gluing and knocking this weekend! I hope our neighbors won't mind.

Hand me the wrist brace now. :S


janediva said...

Cannot tahan this Pipi... arghhhh.... the face. You guys did a really fantastic job. DIY renovation is very challenging. Hang in there. Soon you will enjoy the fruits of your labor :)

zleenz said...

Eeeeee.... Geram nyaaaa PiPi x0x0