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Jey once said to me that she admire that I can juggle hardship very well. She thinks of herself as a lazy person who most of the time likes her husband to do the cooking. I told her the fact that she thinks I'm a superwoman is a myth! I have my lazy days too. I let my husband cook too. AND even do my laundry. Sometimes he even makes the bed!

I don't cook everyday. Let's face it, it is quite impossible to think of what to cook for dinner every single day in this on-the-go modern lifestyle and DIY projects. There are days when I couldn't even get a chance step into the kitchen let alone whip up something to eat. Some days, I look like crap, I don't have time to spruce myself up for dinner. And on some days, I don't even want to be waited! I don't want to talk to anybody! I just want food now!

I'd usually have a bowl of instant noodle when my attitude of "want food now!" kicks in. Until I learn about...

LiveOnTheGo.com. I got spoilt! I learned about it from a sticker on our favorite Hawaiian restaurant door that says this restaurant's menu and order can also be made online. Instantly, I went home and check it out. True enough, LiveOnTheGo.com is made for people who literally Live On The Go. The site makes it so easy to order and best of all, without the wait time! Even if it's only 10am right now, just select the next time available for pick up such as 11.30am. Be there at 11.30am, and your lunch is ready! How cool is that?

Of course Aloha BBQ is not the only restaurant that is in town available in LiveOnTheGo.com. There's a whole list of restaurants to cater to your endless hunger! Even Salvatore Cucina is in there, remember Jane? On the page, you get the whole menu with its price.

Once selected, you also get to personalize your food. For instance, if you're watching your cholesterol level, you can make a request not to have egg in your sushi! And that shall be done.

As long as you have not proceed to checkout, you can continue to order whatever you want. Such that I click on Bi Bim Bap and then personalize the choice of meat and add sides. You can opt out on that too if you want but I usually like my Hawaiian sides - they are so delicious! teehehehe

When you are done with your selections, the page allows you to see the orders you make so far. If you think you're good, then proceed with Checkout and be ready with your credit card.

Whoever thought of creating this website is a genius! LiveOnTheGo.com make things so quick and easy that you don't even need to talk to the cashier. You already pay your bills online. So all you need to do next is be there on the time, pick up your lunch/dinner and leave! Great when you have bad hair days too!

If you think I'm hardworking, think again. I have my lazy days too, always. LiveOnTheGo.com allows my lazy days but on the bright side, it allows me to be efficient too! The website has make our busy days more bearable to live now. Don't we all need that? So thank you LiveOnTheGo for the convenience!


tjey said...

I am looking for a aussie version of this!!!

P/S:I still think you're a fantastic wife!!!(Reallly wan!!!)

janediva said...

In addition to being a fantastic wife, you're a great host too :) I miss Pipi so much :(

Jessie C said...

You two are too kind!! Thank you *blush*