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It's the month of May! And what does it remind me of?

First, baby Amber is all grown up! Way too fast, I feel like I couldn't catch up. Everytime I call Mom, there's always new update with the baby and I feel like I miss out so much. How I wish I can see her now before she is all grown up but having bought the new nest, our pocket is now officially very, very tight on budget. However, I would greatly appreciate if donations would like to be made for Jessie's Malaysia Airlines ticket. :D Pweeeasee! Ok ok, I'll dream on.

Here's a pic of my mom and baby Amber when she is 1 month old.

Two days ago, baby Amber turn 5 months old. She has not only grow in length and width but she has already learn how to laugh out loud, turn over on her tummy and shout at things that she does not like. Getting spoilt huh? What can we do? She's too darn cute!

I especially love this picture of Amber and my Dad together. They both seem to have a bond going on. Amber will the golden grandchild for many years to come. :)

"This is my grandpa!"

So what is the second reminder? Since looking at Amber growing up, I feel like time slip by so fast, it freaks me out. Not only was I unable to catch up with Amber's growing up progress, I was also unable to catch up with myself! This month is my birthday month (gah!) and my parent's 29 years anniversary. Before you know it, everyone is growing older and Amber will be in kindergarden soon. That totally freak me out. Time to take note how precious time is, right? And make use of it before we age too much and unable to do or eat many things in life that we alway wish. Time to take matters in our own hand and control our life with full force! Ganbate!

Now, pass me the anti-wrinkle cream will ya?

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