The Saa-saa Story

Jessie jots...

I was on the phone with my little sister one day having our regular chats about everything and nothing harmless.... when suddenly out of nowhere, she asked me if I know.... WHAT IS THE RECIPE FOR SALSA?

Well.... erm, I know what goes into making salsa. I watch em' celebrity chefs on Food Network done it a thousand times. Now that I'm in SoCal, I ate it like a million times too. So I said "Yup, it's really easy to make salsa. A couple of tomatoes diced, cilantro, a bit of vinegar, sugar, red onion bla bla bla. You can even blend them together if you like it mushy..."

A second after, we continue our chat about mindless stuff again... like the cat's silly acts and Mom snoring like a snake. Nothing seems important, not even salsa.

A day later, I called home again in hope to talk to MamaChiang about something important. After that important chat, I asked what she was doing... and I found out she was helping my little sister clean up the blender after a series of pureeing some tomatoes which overpoured on the kitchen counter. Then Mom asked me "You teach her how to make this... what is it call? Saa-saa?"

Oh that! Was it successful? How did it go?

Mom said "Ermmm, OK lah. Not bad... Taste like cilantro". "What?" I was a little apprehensive, "It's not suppose to taste like that. Should taste like tomato... sweet and sour. Did you not have enough tomatoes?" I wasn't convinced and not quite believing Mom; sometimes she exaggerate a little too much.

Mom went on and say "No, really, really... taste like cilantro. Siew put 2 bunches of them".

2 bunches???!!!! OMG, the cilantro is only for garnishing... not as an ingredient. I said "only a little bit!"

No wonder it taste like cilantro... why didn't Siew ask me the quantity before she make salsa? Mom replied "I thought she knew. She woke up early this morning, ask me to drive her to the market today and she bought the ingredients like she know what is going on." I told Mom I didn't think little sis was THAT serious about making salsa, especially when I only casually told her the ingredients in two seconds?

Ugh... Then I heard Siew in the background blaming me for giving her the most traumatizing experience at salsa tasting, adding that she'd rather spend the money at TGIF now. Then Mom asked me, what is missing in the recipe. She recalled all the things they put into the blender... and so badly wanted me to point out the reason for the mishap. "What else lah... Mom, it is the cilantro!"

Then Mom still in distress and she said "What are we going to do now? So much of saa-saa... can you cook it?"

"I don't know... you only eat them raw... I think?" Finally, I decided to confess, "Mom, actuallyyyyy.... *long pause* ..... I never make Salsa before".

"HAH???" Mom got a shock... and then she scream across the room, "Siew!! Your big sis has never make Salsa before!" Then I heard another "HAHH??" echoing...

In my defense: "You guys didn't ask if I have make Salsa before, you only ask me if I know the recipe... and I do!" but to no avail. They were already hating me. hahaha

As a revenge, Mom said she's gonna preserve the Salsa they made and stuff it down my throat the next time I come back. One can only hope... that the can of saa-saa will grow mold and the Chiangs will toss it before I return.

But it is sooo not my fault... right? Haha! I'm certainly not looking forward to go home next time.


Jane said...

Fulamak... so dramatic and funny at the same time hahahaha! Saa-saa!!!

Vicky said...

hahahahahha... this really cheer me up and took my headache away


Jessie C said...

dramatic is always the case in my fam Jane. haha

Vicky, glad I can do that! :D

Anonymous said...

HO MY GOD....i almost forget this story already HAHAH!! actually til now, (becoz of u!!) i am still scared of salsa! Lol!


Jessie C said...

LOL!! Wei... it's not my fault, k! You didn't ask for proper instruction and the quantity of the ingredients.

Anonymous said...

Now only i noticed, ur salsa sauce got cilantro garnish beside somemore..hmpf, that rumput yg menakutkan! *shivers*