Done! Done! Done!

Jessie jots...

OMG Haven't felt soooooo lifted in the a longest time. There's nothing due next week and I cannot believe it. Seems unreal that I am officially done with Spring semester! I had the hardest time with this semester. It didn't start out in the right way because I didn't have much rest over Christmas break having had the house hunting. Then, just as soon as it started, workload feels like it doubled compare to the first semester. There's a lot more brainstorming more than straightforward, instructed assignments. I know, I asked to be busy but I have enough for now. I have something very important to focus on and I am so glad that now my brain can go into a peaceful state of mind for me to only, solely focus on Seventy-Seven.

Sorry Jane, don't mean to make you jealous. haha You will be done in a few days time and you will make it! :D

Now, am looking forward to wall painting. Will update that soon. Right now, allow me to let down my hair and enjoy some peace. :)

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