Cheesecake Project

Jessie jots...

Oh by the way, did I say the cheesecake was a success?? Ahem, yours truly had succeed on a low fat cheesecake without a single crack on the top... Yey!

The trick? I beat the eggs more, hence making a little bit fluffier and well-mixed with the cheese.

Also, when the wet batter is poured onto the baking pan, bring the pan an inch up and slightly drop the pan onto your kitchen counter. You'll see the air bubbles coming to the surface from underneath. My guess is that by doing that, it would prevent air from cracking your cheese cake.

Click here for the Classic Cheese Cake recipe.

How I personalize a low fat cheese cake is instead of using 5 packs of cream cheese, I used 2 packs, 2 eggs and half the sugar. Serve it with chocolate sauce and few slices of strawberries. Yum!

Initially, I wanted to give two third of the cake to Hushby's colleague but he said he wanted it. So he ate, and he ate.... finish the whole cake in 3 days. Can you believe it?


janediva said...

I can! Can I have the cheese cake during Spring break please? I will be your slave for 1 day to return the favor :p

Jessie C said...

You are already my slave for listening to me talk - now just get your cute little ass here and let me feed you.

Anonymous said...

oh my god, i love cake! when i look at the cake, i just go..CA-CAKEEE..!! and the best part is, it's only half the calorie,so u can have twice as much! lol