Pipi's Birdie

Jessie jots...

Does your pet do anything that is kind of strange, yet funny and it is also habitual? Pipi as you all know it, is a cat. The Persian cat that she is, is suppose to be a self-grooming, naturally clean, elegant cat... right? She is the total opposite of that and yet, that is just a few traits of who and what she is.

"I warn you.... Don't write about me or I'll bite!"

"You've been warned... grrrr"

One of the most mind-boggling thing she does every now and then is this. Ever since we bought this little birdie thingy toy for her last, last Christmas, we have noticed she became more and more possessive of it. The thing resembles of a badminton shuttlecock and flies like one when you throw it. I guess it resembles a bird if anything, feathers at the end with a cotton-filled body that has one fluffy side and rough, gunny-sack texture on the other.

When she was introduced to that toy, she was barely a year old and she didn't play with it until about a month later... then only did I saw her flipping the birdie on her own, grabbing it with her mouth and licking its feather while her paws hold the birdie. Then, the first birdie 'died' within a few weeks. The gunny sack side was literally torn apart until the cotton was bitten off from its body and the feather came off in chunks. I rescued it by stitching the torn part with some leftover cloth but as it wears and tears, more and more feathers came off and the thing couldn't fly anymore. Yet she still plays with it.

We have gone through approximately five of the birdies now. PetSmart, the pet store that used to carry the toy has already discontinue the merchandise last year and we are devastated. No one carries it anymore. I've bought her a toy that look quite similar to this birdie but she didn't like it. She only goes back to the old-torn disgusting cotton-less birdie. The last one was also torn apart like the others but now I've stitch it and replace with more cottons and more feathers to keep the life longer. It works for now but I don't know what I'll do next when we lose this.

Here's the weird thing: during this time too, she has never fail to place the birdie right in front of our bedroom door every morning. Unless if the birdie disappears, or stuck somewhere unseen to her, that toy is always in front of our master bedroom door. At first we thought it was a sign that she wanted to play. So we flew the thing across the room only to see she look at it but went on to follow us with our morning routine.

On many occasions too, she would hold the birdie in her mouth, meow at the same time and place it right in front of me or Yew Wai. Although she seldom do that now but it still baffles me how some times Pip remind me of a dog!

Recently, instead of morning time, she has learned to put the birdie in our room at any time. It's always near the door for some reason and it will only be there when she knows OR thinks we are not around. Sometimes when I take a nap in the afternoon or read quietly in the other room, she thought I was not around. I secretly peeped, saw her looked for the birdie which she then carried it with her mouth and headed to our master bedroom. Once there, she placed the birdie carefully right in front of our bedroom door and just walked away.

Hmm... why?

On another occasion, I gave her a bunch of wrinkly wrapping papers from a shopping bag. It was left on the floor for her to play when we went out for dinner. When I came back, I saw this...

Why Pip?

A few days later, as per evidence below, with our doors open, she knew that we were awake and nobody is at home to play with her... yet she still place Ms. birdie in front of our door...


For many times now , I've tried to answer the question myself but the more I see her habit with Ms. Birdie, the more I question myself. I've said to Yew Wai, maybe she just wants to play? Or she just want to show you what she can catch for you? Or just to show you she thinks of you? Or to remind you that she is really, really bored to the skull?

What is it? Yew Wai only shook his head and thought it was funny.

If only Pipi can talk to me! Why do you do that???

Rare moments of Pipi letting me take a pic with her!


zleenz said...

mysterious... solve it cepat :D
need to learn cat psychology :P oouh Pipi so cuteee.....

Anonymous said...

LOL! I loved the picture of the lone birdie offering lying on the floor, right at the centre of the doorway! Pipi's so cryptic, she rocks!


Jessie C said...

Azleena: Can you help me? I also donno lah lol

San: Cryptic LOL You make her sound like she has supernatural power

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA!! Pipi is so so smart and cute and mysterious! why don't you seek the pet professionals~


Jessie C said...

hahaha she's only mysterious because she cannot talk! lol