How's the Economy?

Jessie jots...

One day, we decided we wanted to have our usual italian food dine out. So we drove there and notice that the usually busy restaurant looked empty. We figured, it might just be closed for the day. We got off from the car to inspect, and as we walked closer, we saw chairs and boxes were strewn across the floor. We walked to the front door, and there hung a sign says "For Lease". Close for good.

On another occasion, we wanted to get some of our favorite red velvet ice cream from Maggie Moo, and the store interior, too, was blank. We thought they were under renovation, until a couple of visits later did we realize, Maggie Moo has also succumb to the economy downturn. And so we try to frequent our favorite yogurt ice cream TCBY store just next door, but recently, just as my favorite peanut butter chocolate ice cream reach its bottom, we drove by it to get more. Once there, we notice the lights were off and the Asian guy who usually scoops the pint load of ice cream for us was not there either! I didn't want to believe they are also shutting down for good - they were in such good business! So I waited for a few days to confirm it. True enough, day after day, the lights are still off.

On a recent trip to a nearby mall, we were shock to see a lot has change. The usually congested and busy mall turned into a hollow empty space. Barely any souls were window shopping, most of them were sales people. One after another, retail businesses hang signs that says "Closing Store" - I think it will be the last we'll see them in business. Some establish businesses like Crate and Barrel has also make a move to shut down, declaring they will only open at one location in Orange County instead of two. On the other hand though, the Mac store expanded its retail space, while Microsoft at the same floor, follow suit.

Note though, this is happening at one of the richest city in the United States - us excluded. We just happen to live in the crack of these wealthy people. Can you imagine what happen nationwide? It's like dejavu to me - I've seen it happened when I was 15. Stores closed at every single lot in Komtar. And Komtar used to be this really busy hub slash mall where everyone stops by for shopping and grocery as it was strategically located above a bus station. I didn't understand what recession was all about at that time but I knew it was a shaky moment that everyone was losing their job, businesses and houses.

It's happening yet again. We are lucky Yew Wai still has job. In fact, he just got promoted recently. And I just need to spend his money wisely. The economy is that bad.

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