How fast does your hair grow?

Jessie jots...

A shocking discovery - my hair grows an inch, a month. Is that normal? Nothing to be envious of though... although yes, the pro is that I can change my hairstyle more frequently than most people. The con? I can't maintain a hairstyle I like for more than six weeks. And not to mention the damage done in my pocket, has already cause a burning sensation on my thigh now.

This time though... a haircut is really in dire need. My hair was getting really coarse from previous dye that involves a slight bleach. After three months, I've went back to the more brunette/reddish/violet color that I'm more comfortable with. It feels more like me.

Also, just a little update, I've been starting to use Mary Kay Time Wise product and although it has only been three days, I've seen a whole lot of wonders done to the skin! I can't believe the result! And I can't believe it is my skin, my actual skin! I'm so excited, am looking forward to what it can do for me in a month.

Notice the skin difference from Month 2 to Month 3... I hope it's not just the lighting effect but the bumpy surface on my skin is actually gone now!

If there's anything I spent on way too much - it's haircut and skin care products. What is/are yours?


Anonymous said...

wow, huge difference! u've got smooth & tighter complexion now!


Jessie C said...


Anonymous said...

Its true, your skin complexion did improve a lot! Marked difference.. hurrah!