Hands and Feet

Jessie jots...

One of the few things I am proud of now in my drawing portfolio is some the hands drawings and foot drawings below. I have finally learn to draw and be very careful with the decisions every pencil strokes make on a blank canvas. Not only does it take time to practice but I think the secret to knowing what you draw is to understand what is between and beneath the skin as well as be focus to what you're observing. It's quite beneficial to me now at busy times like these because contour drawing (one definite line drawing) can be kind of meditative, hence eases my mind.

With this work, you'd think I can earn myself a good grade in class but that's not true. Mr Brad Coleman has very high expectation and he grades critically. I am nowhere near to an A now after yesterday's sketchbook grading which I did poorly in cos' I only did sketches but apparently, he wanted more than sketches. Prrttt! However, here's adding to my portfolio, hopefully with this foundation, there's better drawings in the near future.

First hand drawing

Second hand drawing

Third time is the charm

Top left is my foot but the rest is Hushby's foot, which has not look any better... after a pedicure of course! LOL

Foot cramp after this. Ouch.


Charlotte said...

Wow, these are just amazing! I could never do anything this intricate & accurate. A+++ in my book!! : )

Anonymous said...

Said it before, will say it again, these drawings are amazing! Keep it up!


Jessie C said...

Thanks ladies! Will keep it up... and work even harder! :)