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Jessie jots...

OK... let's see, I haven't been updating anything that is none art-related lately, do I? It's getting a little dry here with all that homework updates. hehe

If you've met anyone who is in the art related field, they will tell you that they don't have a life. And it's true, it is hard to carve out the time just to enjoy a good heartwarming meal, your favorite Project Runway TV show, or just spend time with your loved ones. I am now officially that person, no life - just glued to my laptop like a baby and its pacifier.

By no means, I'm complaining. I love it every second being busy but of course once a week, I enjoy being alone too. I like taking in the solitude when needed because the next day, it's all full of chaos and stress again.

Last week, I fell sick for about 3 days. Hushby got it worse - he was sick from Wednesday til Sunday... so he just slept the whole time. That said, we didn't do much. Except that the workload was all on me, on top of having to complete my assignments which was due for midterm this week. It is really stressful at times like these, with no help from friends or family.

However, we're both enjoying every minute being independent. If anything, it gives us a sense of accomplishment and it helps us to move forward and be motivated. When we get discourage, we like treating ourselves with little things like dining out to some fancy restaurant. We do this more often now that I'm occupied and worn out... especially on Friday nights. With a good glass of cocktail and good food, it helps us to unwind. Some people may think we celebrate too much with food or we're a bit obsess with food, but that's what spark our relationship anyway - food was our cupid.

Here's us dining at Hapa J's in San Clemente on one of our Friday nights. The restaurant served fusion Hawaiian food but I went for the more authentic Hawaiian luau plate and boy was it delicious! I can't get enough of it.

And as you can see, make up is essential at times like these. To cover up all the stress marks is clearly needed. I was tired that night and really needed some perk-me-up look, so I blow my hair up for volume too. My overall look at the moment is nothing short of looking a seaweed - unkempt dark roots hair now two inches long grow before the lighten strands and my skin going pale now that the weather is turning Brrrrr... indeed, a salon visit is necessary one of these days! I try to fit in exercise two to three times a week but it's not always feasible now that it is cold but its mostly wet and breezy. Hence, the waistline has now expanded.

Aside from struggling to look proper and put together, I am struggling to catch up on homeworks that are due every week. Like I told somebody (I can't remember who), I'm signed up for six class. Each course meets once a week. On Monday and Wednesday, I have two classes, that are each four hours long. It adds up to eight hours long of staring at the computer, ON TOP of having to spend two hours on the road driving back and forth. Sometimes when homework gets a little overwhelming, I don't do any cooking at all let alone blog.

These days though, my study/work schedule is quite on track now that I have got the hang of things. Also, with the new set up work desk JUST FOR ME, I am more motivated than ever to work on my stuff rather than to procastinate. I love it, not that it's just in white but I love it how I can spread all my things across the table and not have to worry to keep my stuff when it's time to eat. Right, I used to work on the dining table but thanks to Ikea, we can afford a dependable, stable desk like below. You can expect to see me here most of the time working on my projects, either bending over 90 degrees for that ab-crunches perspective drawing 'workout' or sucking on my 'pacifier' for more computer designing job.

Lastly, who am I to forget our miss lillle Pipi. Well, she is not that little anymore and she's getting more and more clever now - especially with what she can and cannot do at home such that she knows I allow her to climb onto the bookshelves and not the kitchen counter. At 7pm, a time we usually arrive home, she would wait for us on the window sill. Once she sees us (which I'm still amaze how she can recognize us from far), she would meow and quickly jump down to run to the door and greet us with her fuzzy fur. Once we step inside, she will lead us to her food bowl and eats it. The last part still keeps me wondering - why she makes us follow her to eat, I don't know. Haha But all in all, she is a happy, healthy big kitty kat now. Though still a kitten at heart, she's as playful as ever, still loves to bite people's sock (it's so embarrassing when I have guest over) and still love to catch flies and eat them.

By the way, just to throw it out there: I am currently obsess with Sixpence None the Richer. I don't know why I can't grow beyond 1999. With all the songs that had play and ring in my ears, I still go back all my 90s songs. It is me or the music that is just that good?


Jen Wahl said...

The music is just that good! It is the fuzzy warm feeling you get when listening to it, maybe it brings you back to a time when life was "simpler" (i know it does for me!). Enjoyed the new post!

Anonymous said...

Great workspace! I love it.. and also the Puss-n-boots pic, haha! Maybe Pipi was waiting for you guys to come home to have dinner with her? haha.. but oh so cute!
Glad to hear that you ahd YW have recovered, I'm feeling a lil unwell too, hope it gets better soon, in time for the final presentation this friday. Maybe its the sudden change in the weather..
Anyway, loved your new post, keep it coming!


tjey said...

Awesome Post!Take it easy babe with the workload.Glad you recovered:)

Jessie C said...

Jen: The wise woman you are! I don't even realized that until you point it out - it's true, it's that feeling we long for when life was simpler. :)

San: Yes she wants to have dinner with us - a dinner that last only 2 seconds! Still doesn't make sense to me. lol

Jey: Yes, taking it easy on the workload. Now falling sick again... I guess I haven't fully recovered.