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Jessie jots...

So I'm finally getting the hang of being a Malaysian girl... again. The last time I did was two years ago and every time I get localized, my brain and memories turn back to where I left my home 7 years ago. Back then, when we were all teenagers, our best fashion for girls outing were big, big XXL t-shirts that says "Billabong" or some cheesy slogan like "Aaron Kwok Is My Superstar". Well if it wasn't yours, then it was just me.

I'm now clad in those clothes. If you ever happen to drop by my house and surprise me, I'll be mad at you. No just kidding. I'm wearing those clothes because I feel most happy doing so and they are so comfortable after so many washes. My kampung (old) pants hail from the days my Mom wore it in Terengganu and went to market with it. I love 'em, I wear them every time they get dry... wonder if it was the many washes or the memories that made me feel comfortable.

The day Hushby, Joey and I arrived Penang airport, it was a day to remember for years to come. That blast of humid air nearly killed me but I knew that was going to come. As soon as I saw my parents, my sister and her boyfriend, a good friend Su Ying and my in-laws waiting outside the International Arrival Hall, waving so hard their hands were going to fall off, and their smiles were so wide, they can fit two big Macs in, I couldn't help but feel really, really touched. I was aesthetic, my lungs were working hard and my feet were tingling. It was long enough and this was really a deserving moment.

We hugged and we looked at each other. My scent stunk like baby's puke for travelling 20 hours on air. Yet we hugged somemore and stand in really close proximity, as I hope nobody would notice. Nobody cares and we just couldn't stop talking. We yak til 4am that night. I got up at 8am later and my excited body stay up til late at night again for more yakking.

My sister, Siew and her boyfriend Jin bought us a welcome home cake the day we arrived, which was really sweet of them. Ever sweeter, when I found out it was from the cake house that made my wedding cake. The moist chocolate flavor was to die for! We had dinner at a Hai Sien Choo Char (chinese seafood restaurant) near Autocity back in the mainland. Once seated, I caught myself getting disgusted at a place so noisy and unruly... I wasn't sure if I was going to like the rest of my trip here, having been spoilt with clean and systematic eateries back in the States.

3 weeks later...

I'm ordering Char Koay Teow (Fried Flat Rice Noodle) having it by the roadside where cockroaches and mice called their habitat. My drinks attacked by the flies and my legs stung by mosquitoes, yet I'm enjoying every minute of it. The casual conversation between my family members at Kimberly Street and the fact that everyone spoke Hokkien with me, even the Indian dude selling Mee Goreng (Fried Mee), lifted me up to my equilibrium.

*At this point I'm a little distracted because Hushby just called from Cali and I'm halfway across the globe feeling helpless as he is still facing problem sleeping through the night by himself :(

*Lost of my train thoughts

Anyway, what I was going to say was I am contented with being at home. I hadn't spend enough time with my folks yet and I don't think I ever will be, being a homey person.

You know what's fun under it all... that with each family members help out with everything make me less fatigue of a person. I'm done with doing all the brainwork for once, having to plan, organize and do it all by myself, which I was so used to repeating until I came back... I realized life could have been so easy with the fam around. The prospect of moving back to Malaysia is so tempting but we had gone too far now to turn back unless we get rejected by the States.

PapaChiang just bought us Curry Fish Head and Turmeric Fried Chicken from Pokok Buluh in Cherok Tokun and Siew cooked 2 cups of white rice to prepare us for lunch. Dad also just served me a glass of cold coconut drink, expecting me to be on the dining table while I'm trying to finish my blog because I understand, and I'm already smelling the food... the food!!! I shall appreciate this moment and keep this in my remembrance.

Lunch time!


tjey said...

What !!You are there till AUgust???Omigoodness..So Jealous laaaaaaaaaa

Jessie C said...

Aww no need to be jealous. You'll get the chance too :D

zleenz said...

Wow... truly asia kan... welcome back to Cincainess.. hahahha

tjey said...

Love that word ~Cincainess!

I am still jealous ~ Now is what season there?Rambutan,Manggis or Durian??

janediva said...

Tis the durian season~!!!! Tjey, bila nak balik?

tjey said...

wah damn syiok,Durian!Jane,definitely after jessie go back..hahaha, end of the year,hopefully!Any plans coming down under?

Charlotte said...

I get so hungry reading your descriptions of food!!! When we visit Michigan next, Glen's parents are going to order "mini wedding cakes" so we can finally try our cake. MMMM!

Also: "their smiles were so wide, they can fit two big Macs in"