Vacay Time

Jessie jots...

Can't believe time flies. Just 2 months ago, I was looking forward to leave the Land of Freedom to the Land of Truly Asia. Now, just a lil over 12 hours before I depart, I'm already a little reluctant. Maybe because I'm finally enjoying the weather? Maybe because I've finally own a routine? Or finally has a pet, the cat? Or the thought of a future addition, the guinea pig which I planned to call Pizza? Whatever it is, it sure feels reluctant. (Pizza was actually Joey's idea)

Anyhoo, I'm still in the middle of packing last minute stuff - toiletries, headbands (haha!), important documents, cat food and books. We're heading to the airport at 8pm tonight for a 11.50pm flight. Planning to have dinner in OC first before we head north to LA and also dropping poor little miss Pipi to her boarding place. I'll be sure to give a big goodbye hug and a big kiss on that cutie pie's cheek... and also collect some of her furs for remembrance. We'll be arriving in Penang airport this Sunday evening at 8.30pm. If you plan to show up, I do not mind the kompang and a 'welcome home banner' if you're deciding to bring any. HAHA J/K :) I prefer a low-key entrance.

This blog will not be updated as much in the future weeks ahead. You're looking at a schedule that is going to be sardine-packed. First week, wedding preparation for the Aussie friends and being with the Chiang fam and combating that jet lag. Second week, off to KL to visit the United States embassy to renew my visa with Hushby and then that weekend is when Hushby flies back here to rescue Ah Pi from her boarding place. Back to work for him, unfortunately! :(

For those in Malaysia, bear in mind that if I don't call or email you that two weeks, it's not that I forget about you. Wait til the third week or so, and you'll see signs of Jessie Chiang popping up again. :) At the mean time, have fun while I'm gone!


~ WEiLinG ~ said...

jessie, im in KL..buzz me when u are around,k? safe trip~

Anonymous said...

Have a great holiday!! You deserved it, enjoy yourself babe ;)


zleenz said...

Yo... njoy the weather n durian.. kehkehkeh