Turning 27 years old

Jessie jots...

How does 27 feel like? Well, it does feel like a day older, a lot mature and a bit smarter. HAHA If anything, it sure feels more secure and self-assured. It's like finally you know what your beliefs are and now, you really, really know yourself. More comfortable with being more confidence, that's what it is! Suddenly 26 seem so far away... as if it was a teenage year I no longer need.

How did I celebrate it? I woke up that morning and randomly went online to book for a Whale Watching Catamaran cruise. It was only $20 for each of us, and I made a trip with Joey in hope for at least the blue whale, now said to be in season. Was sorry that Hushby couldn't join us that afternoon, but I guess he doesn't mind either since he's prone to motion-sickness. But instead of catching glimpses of whale, which we failed to find any, the captain found us a dozen of Risso Dolphins. It was really amazing to see dolphins in the wild, putting a show for us for more than half an hour.

So, the canteen was close for the day and the cook has to be treated... right? After the cruise, Joey and I rushed home and took at least an hour to get all spruced up for dinner. Hushby took 2 minutes to shower, 1 minute to put his clothes on and look awfully handsome, effortlessly. How did he do that?? Anyway, I remember specifically telling him, "No need fancy, shmancy place for dinner, OK? A casual place will do" and "No present for me. Just dinner is fine." But of course, with Hushby, he never obey the rules except for his Wednesday soccer nights.

I knew it was a french restaurant, and Hushby convinced me it has a casual atmosphere and serves reasonably-priced food. Hence, I dressed the way I dress, a white top and a simple skinny jeans with heels. But what do ya know... this place serve more than just filet mignon. It has foie gras (duck liver) and the common French staple, caviar costing at least $130 bucks for what may seem like just a tablespoon to us all. Don't worry, I didn't order that!
And just about before I enter the restaurant, Mr. Tham walked out of the car with a silver shiny box in his hand. Ohhh FOR ME?? Duh... Where did he even hide it??
Here I am, asking if my outfit is OK? If we can afford it and feeling bad for him to get me something but in the end, I accepted the present with an open heart. LOL

So what is it? A little feathered headband. I really, really love it. Love it the bones y'all!!! *shivers* Hushby is getting better at knowing what I like in the recent years. He's been full of tricks and surprises these days, men do get better as they age. Look at him, trying hard to keep a straight face.
I've been trying on that headband every time we stepped into Nordstrom, he must have took note... real good note. I just love the vintage headband to death and couldn't find a cheaper one to substitute the pricier version, so I just kept on trying them until I feel satisfied. But what do ya know, it's mine now. HAHA! If you haven't know yet, I have an obsession with headbands... I have a collection of them and even when I don't look good with it, I still wear them. Mostly at home. But this one... this one will actually make it out of the door! The best fashion invention ever... oh so flattering even on round, poofy head like mine.
I'm not dissapointed I didn't get the usual big hoo-ha birthday cake with candles this year. But it's OK, I think I had something better - a Chocolate Souffle with white foamy whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Carefree indulging with that souffle has resulted in severe body damage now but what can a birthday girl do when that good stuff is in front of her face?

No candles to blow this time but I still make my wishes secretly, in the shower.... secretly wishing and hoping and prance around for a better year ahead.
So it's fun to turn 27. Birthday celebration just gets better with age, don't ya think? I would enjoy my birthday just as much even if it was at a Mamak shop or Char Kuey Teow stall, heck even at KFC. I think it just gets better because you've finally come to a point in life where you finally understand how to appreciate... from what you have accomplished to how far you have come.
We all got a wee bit too much to drink that night from all that champagne and merlot. Hushby just headed straight onto bed while I watched Pipi fell asleep resting her head on the blanket. It was quite funny. Nice time.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes my dear readers.


Anonymous said...

Its so great that u had such a blast, and an even better year ahead i'm sure. I loved all the pictures, most of all the first one!


Charlotte said...

So glad you had a lovely day! And that headband is SO chic... kudos to "Hushby"!!

tjey said...

Oh babe..ur bday bash looks like so much fun!

Loveee your head band!!!