The Nourishing May

Jessie jots...

Wow, it has been overwhelming month of May. Already, May is almost over and I have done nothing to pack or unpack. My two big luggages are still stuffed with stuff. I'm not even going to go into details what's in that bag, or you'll be surprise.

With Joey around, I'm constantly on the go. And with this woman, I can never decline her excuses for food. It's always, "Hmm, I'm craving for sushi tonight", or "How about gelato for dessert?". And then of course, with me, you can bet at finding what's the best in town, be it sushi, gelato or ribs. So when Joey eats, I eat - because I too haven't had these food for a long, long time. I try to share with Hushby though, but even that, my jeans is a now officially a tad tighter.

I'm exhausted and had packed on some pounds. Yeah yeah, Jessie whining about her vacay... but honestly, I am a creature of routine. I craved for routine and I'm at my happiest when things is in order. So all these crazy hectic is no good for my soul. I didn't realize how much food we've consume just over three days... until I scan through the pictures this morning... I might just reach out for that detox tea I've had in the drawers forever. Please God don't punish me for being a glutton, it's the sis! She has possessed me!

Some pictures here for you folks, I'll allow them to illustrate in random order.

OMG, seriously, am quite ashamed of myself just by looking at the amount of food we ordered. I have 2 monsters with me that evening. So, it wasn't all entirely my fault, right? hehe

Sister Power! At the Sushi Buffet
As if a sea of sushi is not enough, we even went to get some gelato for Joey. I'm having Pistachio with Dark Chocolate Gelato on a waffle cone, shared with Hushby. Joey had Tiramisu.
The Posh Peasant Tea House. For Joey, Pear Plum tea and for me, a Peach Brandy decaf tea. Joey ordered Tuna Sandwich and a bowl of Tomato soup for lunch.

Admiring the cottage chic, feminine frilly decor of the tea house

And here, I had a Chicken Avocado Sandwich with a side salad of green arugula, fruits and berries, also garnished with red rose petals. Delish!

Allow me to stress, dessert was not my idea, usually not for lunch - Brownie Cheescake topped with very smooth Vanilla Ice-cream and a non-edible stem of white rose on the side.

Luckily, one event of the day didn't involve food. Joey wanted to go to the petting zoo in San Juan Capistrano. As usual, the guinea pigs stole my heart of all the other animals. They are the cutest animal alive!! Oh no wait, that is Pipi. Guinea pigs comes second. Sorry guinea pig lovers... you know who you are.
This guy is the cutest among all the guinea pigs behind me. He sat on my lap the whole time letting me pet and squeeze and pinch - didn't even try to run away from me. Because of him, I might get one in the future. If only Pipi will be nice, I shall bring one home.
Here's the woman whose body process food like a train engine. Here, we're at Salvatore Cucina, an Italian restaurant that serves a 5-course meal at a very, very affordable price. Starting at 12 bucks for a meal, you can start of with an appetizer of Bruschetta, salad, soup with bread, entree of your choice, dessert of your choice and coffee/tea.
The couple. For him, Veal with Brandy sauce and a side of pasta with marinara sauce. For her, baked Rigatoni with Alfredo sauce and Italian sausage.
To top it all off, desserts of our own choice. For Joey, a cheesecake with chocolate trios. For Hushby, Cannolini stuffed with Pistachio and creamy Mascarpone cheese. For me, a classic Tiramisu. Oh so delicious. This is one dessert, I don't regret. hehe
After a few days roaming being a foodie around town, we all get tired. Joey and Pipi sleeping in. I, unfortunately, never had the luxury to sleep in. My biological clock always wake me up, right to the dot.
I sleep like that too when no one's watching. Pipi is just getting too comfortable here on the futon.

We also have done a lot last weekend, I'll update that next. Too many pictures to upload! But for now, allow me to express that I'm getting a little antsy for turning 27 tomorrow. Three years left til I'm a three-decade woman. How fast time flies and I haven't achieve anything yet. Having to wait for this stupid green card thing is putting my career pursuit a halt, and because of that, no babies yet and I'm turning 30. Oh wait, 27 for now... and I have three years left to do something about it. Hope all my dreams and hopes will be realized by then... which will be my wish tomorrow, if there's a cake and some candles in order?
Ah food again!


Purple SouL SARA said...

Food has been tremendous in the month of May for you, for sure!! :-)
u make me hungry as i reading this....

Charlotte said...


The food looks simply amazing! I can't believe the beauty of the presentation. Makes me want to visit California just for the food.

I think as a birthday gift you should buy yourself a guinea pig. : )

Vicky said...

oh..u make me so hungry jessie..
Happy Birthday...May God bless you always..

Jessie C said...

Marlina: Too much of a good thing can be bad for me. hehe

Charlotte: You know there's always a guest room! It's ever ready. Guinea pig, maybe after I come back from M'sia. hehe so tempting!

Vicky: Thanks!

tjey said...

Happy Bday Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Wah.. d food.. wah.. d joy.. wah.. pipi! tidur sampai macam tu, must be soooo comfy, hehehe..


janediva said...

Happy belated birthday!!! :) I really enjoyed reading your blog. Maybe I enjoyed looking at food pictures :x Can't wait for you to be back soon :)