Jessie jots...

Biggest congratulations to Miss Joey Chiang Hoay Jue - now the second person to earn a degree in the family from St. Cloud State University.

In lieu of my sister's graduation, I was also there to work like a peon. Here in the picture below, the furnitures were already gone... thanks to some help from some buffed, handsome gentlemen but the leftover job was the most difficult to go through, as it involve more brain cells to decide what is valuable to pack it in the bag and what is not.


After (in 24 hours)

Woke up at 6am that day, arrived at the Santa Ana airport at 7:30pm. Here's at Laguna Beach for dinner. If I still look good to you, it's not Botox. Trust me, it's the long staying, powerful make up of Nars and Glomineral that helped me look really awake.

Because of the above, I have arrived at a time when schedules are really off and meals times are uncertain. Here's to why I need to say please expect a slowdown in postings, yet again. I apologize for the future lack of updates but please be patient with Jessie Jots, the author is up for high expectations by others right now, so much so that she musn't fail them. Do sympathize that I am physically and emotionally drained after one chaotic week. If you have not come to term to start pitying me... allow me to list my reasons:

1. Haven't had home cook meals for more than one week
2. Spent 10 hours traveling to get to destination
3. Had an amazing time in St. Cloud but was also emotionally draining to part with things that you previously own, now recycled and left in dumpster
4. Helped others to move, now causing arms and legs to shiver
5. Two luggages, one 72 lbs and another 68 lbs. Had to dig belongings out and force ourselves to throw them at a garbage bin, in front of the airline counter to get under 50 lbs each
6. Two carry-on luggage, both about 30 lbs, two purses and one backpack
7. Traveled another 10 hours to get back
8. Upon returning, Hushby and Pip has bonded, ostracizing me! :(
9. Two huge laundry basket waiting for washing
10. Two big bags waiting to unload and repack for another flight next Friday. I wonder what I can pack now Miss Joey has tons of stuff!

All in all, a good experience, in fact, a fun time indeed to meet all old Minnesotan friends to do the catching up - but I'll probably won't be doing it again - for a long time. Maybe I will, but only if I am not there to be a peon.


zleenz said...

yeehoo... congratulations joey... rumah merah boleh!!! hahahhaa... waaa jessie, i baca pun penat... keep the adrenaline pumping until u finish packing urs ;-) then can lenggang-lenggang oredi

Charlotte said...

Hey, no need to apologize--this blog is for you, not just your readers! Enjoy your well-deserved break!

tjey said...

Enjoy Babe!!!!!Just think of all those food back at home in Msia, that will pump you up;)