The Program Card & Invitation Card Set

Jessie jots...

Erm, I'm not suppose to duplicate any pictures from the website of Charlotte's and Glen's wedding pictures but I can't help it! Please don't report me to the authority. I just want to show you folks how excited I am that these people are holding my program cards. :D

When I printed the program cards by mid-April, I was so afraid that I was not able to send it in time for Charlotte's wedding. In fact, I had to send the package to Detroit where the wedding was held instead of Minneapolis, the usual destination. I was so worried that Charlotte might not get it in time. I didn't have a confirmation that she received it as I lost the tracking slip. But looking at the pictures above, I sigh with a relief!


Oh and also, a couple of pictures to show the formal invitation cards and how they come together.

Formal invitation with purple envelope (Charlotte's)

The set of formal invitation card (including Valet Parking, RSVP, Registry and Direction card)

After all the crazy planning and busy schedules, I'm sure now Charlotte and Glen can kick back, relax and enjoy their honeymoon. I know I'd probably said this the umpteenth time but my heartiest congratulations to you both once again. The wedding pictures are beautiful and so are both of you.

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