One Friday

Jessie jots...

Am having the most stress out Friday of all time. Usually, I take Friday as a day to unwind, slowly sliding myself to the weekends and relax for more self-indulging activities. This weekend though, I'm up for a handful of events to attend to - pack my bags, get up early for flight, transit, fly somemore, rental car, drive, unpack, meet old friends, convocation, meet friends, clean up apartment, celebrate, move out, sell furnitures, drop off keys, more driving and more time flying with old stale air.

But let's or allow me to post some of the pictures I took over a few weekends ago. They are my current obsession, and here's to why I like them. Hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do.

Succulents - my dream is to own some, but if only my thumb can be a lil bit greener.

A double-chin Bugs Bunny - Too cute isn't it? Was in the petting zoo, I had to join the kids.

My dream courtyard - white picket fence and flower plants everywhere.

The Lemur Stretch - Kinda reminded me King Julian when he was dancing in the movie Madagascar.

But of course that is not King Julian but our very own Ah Pi

My second pic with Ah Pi after a long time - taken with Tim's iPhone

And lastly, Hushby's workplace view - I love to get there early to pick him up when I have the car. The hills calm me down after whole day driving running errands.

And I hope these pictures help you to unwind too. Have a great weekend peeps :)

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