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My horoscope for May 6, 2009 says:

Talk to someone you never thought about talking to before. You'll learn something.

And so I did!

Amazingly, I've just been getting one annoying email after another lately. This one top off the annoying chart! Read it for laughs. I am not keeping what this guy said in my heart although I did report the guy off to the Facebook admin for the profanity and persistent messages because he was also harassing some other people, I learned.

April 28th

Action: JoSi added me on Facebook. I do not know him, so I kindly and playfully asked for an introduction.

JC: er yes? siapo nih? (Er yes? Who is this?)

JoSi: eh, orang nih cakap loghat kelaten eh (Eh, somebody speaking in the Kelantan dialect)

JC: kelaten u punya kepale otak (Kelantan, your head!)

JoSi: ahahahhahahahhahaa$QA#$A#$ havent heard that kinda line in a longgg time. nicee one there

May 6

JoSi: hello u there wake up

JC: what do u want?

JoSi: u asked who am i and im continuing the conversation

JC: i no longer need to know and u can stop the conversation.

JoSi: do you like being an asshole? of course I should have known form message no.2! its easy to be a bitch im sure you get along fine and dont mind if i paste this conversation under "Conversation 101 : How to be an asshole " post soon

JC: sure, suit yourself. you have my permission to also quote me on that. :D you were the one who decided NOT to introduce yourself when i asked who you were and now u want to be pissed. sad juvenile case.

JoSi: oh look who suddenly started writing in proper full sentence. i see we have quite a number of common friends, and i look forward to the day i get to tell you off in person. We'll see how you start dignifying your response with "kelaten u punya kepale otak " Aha ! Youre probably one of those online bullies talk loud smart and sharp but a coward in real life. I had no agenda, no threat, no idea that its fancy to be rude for people like you. You and your type disgust me. So FUCK OFF

JC: Your common friends and I agree that you were already a notorious prick back in the days of KDU and LKW, advising me to be cautious - stating unpredictability and annoying in your part - boy were they right! Too bad you didn't learn a lesson, even after your girlfriend left you. But good for her, nobody deserves to be with an ignorant, egoistic man who only enjoys judging and befriending strangers from the internet. You're telling me to Eff Of? Why don't you do so? Hint: you can stop messaging me. Period. :) Have a nice day.

So what did I learn today? Hmm, let's see... That people can still be so disrespectful, so immature and so moronic. Isn't that why WAR still exist? Unlucky me to have to go to deal with this man, hoping to open up his brain with a sensible chat but he didn't learn! What can I say... they are the people who just couldn't care less about what's happening in the world, who couldn't care less about what's really in other's people mind and they are the people whose world revolves around the internet. If I may add, they are also probably are of those people who cares if they could catch up with the latest Coach bag, an iPhone and probably even throw rubbish mindlessly without recycling them.

Pardon me about the last part, I've been too judgmental. But let's hope this guy is not prowling in the internet further harassing other girls too. Watch out!


tjey said...

babe...don't waste your time 'layaning' this loser.:)

Purple SouL SARA said...

oh my - what a bugger! these kinda ppl stil exist wei!!! urghh!

Jessie C said...

Yes they still exist... like cockroaches. Let's not waste our precious energy be angry at this kind of people. Just laugh at them, that way we don't get wrinkles that fast.