What gets me excited in Malaysia...

Jessie jots...

Some things I will never have in Cali...
  • Old friends... old friends are like treasure. I honestly and sincerely appreciate every single one of my friends who took out their precious time to see me. I am so fortunate!
  • Two nights ago, I had the most wonderful dinner with my in-law. 1 bowl of fish porridge for MIL and 2 bowls of mee suah (rice noodles) my sis and I. The bill? Nine.... Ringgit.... Malaysia!! (=USD2.50!!! which feeds me nothing except a Big Mac and it's not even good for you. BAH)
  • The amount of curry leaves, mint, pandan (screwpine) leaves, coconut, papaya and all other glorious vegetation grow at the back of yard... Malaysia has so many blessings but people would rather fight than appreciate them. Sigh
  • The usage of Banana Leaf for rice and curry make so much sense to a pollutant-free future, unlike the styrofoam food containers which post a list of environmental health hazards, should be used worldwide!
  • The beach and the laid back lifestyle that comes with. I'm all about Batu Ferringhi although it's so touristy there. If we were to move back, that's where I'll build my shack.
  • Kuih-Muih everywhere!!! The colors of blue, green, yellow, white and red makes me twitch.
  • Fish spa and Traditional Massage - but they only get me excited when I'm really tired. I love the availability of the spa which unlike in US, you have to have an appointment. Here you can walk in anytime and there's authentic fat fish waiting eagerly for your arrival to clean your feet for you or authentic Thai massage cracks your bone better than your family chiropractor.
  • Malay food! Can't wait til they have their Fasting Month hawker stalls and I can haveeeeeeeee all the lovely goodies. But I promise, you'll see me a hamster when I go back.
  • Mom's homey cooking. Even if it's just a can of red beans with tomato ketchup or two sunnies with soy sauce, I am GOOD for lunch!
  • The majestic rainforest that is ever growing despite harmed by the haze (fire burning from Sumatra, Indonesia) and how it creates such scenic landscape in Malaysia is something to admire. My only hope is that the government will take good care and restrict lumber activities in some area to preserve the glory of our land. If not, Malaysia will lose its identity.

I have 2 weekends left til I leave Malaysia to attend to every needs of my personal Queen of Laguna Niguel, Pipi and my boss, Hushby. They are already dying from me being away. LOL So I better enjoy my vacation to the max before I turn into their slave. Haha Ok, will update later.


Anonymous said...

Finally a post! woohoo, glad to hear from u again.. enjoy the remaining 2 weeks to the max k? hamster also nvm la.. when u go back to serve my precious and beloved Your Majesty the Queen of Laguna Niguel hand and foot, you will be fit in no time ;)


zleenz said...

Hohoh... then tak sempat la u mau ciluk all the kuih2 at the bazar ramadhan this time?
Eh... will see u before u leave :*

tjey said...

Finally a post!!!I was missing reading your blog!!!

After reading your post, i didn't notice there were so many positive things about Msia!

2 more weeks!Enjoy babe!!Eh where got hamster!!!You look wonderful!

♥ Ambia Aziz-Suhaimi ♥ said...


enjoy the moment to max..!!!haha...nanti u balik sana keempunan nak makan lohhh

Charlotte said...

OHHHH now I want to visit Malaysia and try all the delicious foods! And you must tell me all about this fish massage thing.