Love Birds' Dinners

Jessie jots...

Once in a while, we like to spice things up dinner. Other than the usual rice with veggies, pasta with red tomato sauce or porridge with pickles, we love getting our hands on good recipes, whether they're online or from cookbooks we scanned at Barnes and Nobles.

Once in a while, we just like to make it special for the both of us. We would set up the table, have a glass of wine or cocktail just to set the mood of a posh restaurant.

And once in a while, we don't skim on quantity and devour our meals like there's no tomorrow. These are always the nights, I dread to weigh in the next day.

Here are some of the things we did a few nights ago.

Chicken Cordon Bleu stuffed with two piece of ham and provolone cheese.
Served on side was Ginger Carrots with brown rice.
And a loaf of Beer Rosemary Bread.

For dessert, we had this. Hushby got this from some French restaurant that specializes in dessert. It was light and obviously, scrumptious!

On another occasion.... on a weekend so free, we had nothing to do, Hushby decided to make Satay. To go with the chicken Satays, I cooked some Peanut Sauce for dipping, Nasi Lemak (rice cooked with coconut milk, pandan and ginger) and then, sliced some sweet red onions and cucumber to get some greens into our meal. Any Malaysian will tell you, that's classic for Satay.
I never enjoy so many sticks of Satay without feeling guilty because we cook it with our own grill and because we know we made them with healthier choice. All my hunger pangs for Malaysian hawker food were gone after that meal!

Looking at these pictures just make me salivate. :X


~ WEiLinG ~ said...

jessie, can i have the recipe for cordon bleu plss...salivating...

Charlotte said...

I just love when you post about your meals! And the presenation on the plate is so pretty & perfect. I would love to eat some of your chicken satay... mmmm...

Jo said...