The Almonds Story

Jessie jots...

Last weekend, Hushby and I went to Newport Beach, 20 mins drive north along the Pacific Coast Highway for a good hiking session in the morning. We had a bagel each on the way and packed two big bottles of water, some almonds in a plastic container and a mosquito repellant for the trip. Oh, not forgetting the camera of course.

We didn't know what to expect honestly, except that we know the place is very scenic and the state park did a really good job maintaining the cleanliness of the trails. I wasn't feeling well that morning, and Hushby knows it. I had a bad migrane on the way there but I waited for this hiking adventure all week long and the weather was too perfect to pass.

So I wasn't particularly strong to start with, and not too enthusiastic needless to say. I walked anyway, with the migrane... and it got worse, and then I got nauseous... felt like throwing up and felt like there was a hurricane in my tummy, on and off. I just kept walking, felt good for a bit and kept walking, hoping it will go away but the migrane persist. By now, we were too far inside the wilderness for us to turn back. So I had no choice but to finish the trail.

When we hopped on the chance to go for the second 8-mile long trail after the first 2-mile trail seemed too short, little did we know it was going to take the next few hours to complete. The hiking up part was easy, surprisingly. It was only the going down part that needed more endurance. The knees, the feet, the toes were slowing wearing down after more than 6 miles into it going downhill.

I told Yew Wai I needed a break. My left butt cheek had a cramp. We were hiking for 2.5 hours now! And that heartless man laughed at me for that butt cramp. Maybe 'cause I was smiling when I said that? But maybe that is cause I can't believe it myself. Wait a minute... so much for the Valentine's Poem right? Hmmm...

So then, to ease the cramp away, I wanted to bend down and stretch the hamstring of my left foot.

With my left foot stretch out, I bent forward and everything in the knapsack also tumbled forward with me. Out a sudden, I heard Hushby squealing "Eeeeee......" and ran away.

He thought I farted.

But I didn't.

He said he heard it.

No, it wasn't me!

"Don't lie!"

Cross my heart and hope to die :P

Try using a plastic container and place it upside down with the almonds inside. It really sounds like fart. He didn't believe me but after he saw me demonstrate, bending forward again and of course, knowing that it is impossible to fart every second between bending up and down, then only was he convinced to come closer.

It couldn't be that bad even if I did, right? hahahaha

Sheesh. -_- What a break.

After another stretch of walk, we found ourselves back to civilization! By the time I saw cars and tar road in front, it was already 3.5 hours!

The hike was more strenuous than we expected. I would have had more fun if the migrane did not attack. We didn't know it was going to take so many hours to finish a 10-mile trail. Thank goodness we had the almonds in the bag though. Other than having my own Hushby make faulty accusation, those nuts really help to keep the energy up during what seem like a never-ending walk.


janediva said...

I just wanna be ok be ok be ok... i just wanna... sorry can't help it. Too catchy :)

Sounds like fun place to hike. Love the breathtaking scenery! Too bad the migraine buat kacau. I really salute you, got migraine still can survive 3.5 hrs of trail *phew* James and I fart in each other's presence. Immunized ady kot. I guess fart smelling is not for everyone :p

zleenz said...

wau... beautiful scenery!
Phew... migraine, cramp and almond-ish fart... a very colorful journey there :P:P~

Yew Wai said...

HAHAHA Jane, can't believe you're enjoying the song... are you annoyed? Fart smelling is actually kind of disgusting but so funny... we do that all the time too. :X

Az, yes it's so beautiful there... too bad for the migrane. But we'll definitely be going there again.

Yew Wai said...

Oops that was me.. Jessie

Charlotte said...

Your photos were just breathtaking! Though I admit, I couldn't help laughing at your fart story. Still have a big smile on my face. : )

Jessie C said...

HAHA That's great Charlotte, it's all for laughs! :) I still can't believe that I finish that trail.