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*Be warn if you're having food in front of the computer, this post is not to be read!*

The day I knew I wanted to get my exercise routine started, which was on January 1st, was the day my body was unexpectedly covered with dissapointment. On the first day of new year, I work up very groggy that morning, with a strong urge of mother nature's calling. I jumped out of bed, expecting Pipi to come up to me as usual and rub herself against my calves. I gave her a second and went into the bathroom straight away. If I wasn't that drowsy, I would have usually pet her and pick her out of the bathroom... but after a late night board games fun I was so groggy, I only had half my brain working.

When I was done with business with the cat situated in the middle of the bathroom, I flushed the toilet, got up and walked towards the sink... successful not stepping onto Pipi but unknowingly I was reaching my foot to conveniently slam my pinky toe on the door's edge.


Would this incident be called as a bad omen for the new year?


I yelled in pain, so loud that Hushby was awaken. I kept pressing the toenail to ease the pain but it didn't work. Not long later, I saw blood oozing out from the side of the nail and only did I realize, my nail has been separated from the flesh. I was so scared to see it fall off but luckily that didn't happen!

So because of this... I've been immobile and have been unproductive for three weeks long until the food I've consumed over the Christmas break and weeks long unproductivity have ALL found its way around my hips and tummy.

*Sorry, if the pictures disgust you. You've been forewarned.*

It doesn't feel as painful now compare to the first few weeks the toe got injured. I only have to be cautious of the shoes I wear... slippers are my best bet so far.

Finally, today is the first day I started my exercise plan. YIPPEE! So glad that happened because I was beginning to feel unhealthy and lethargic. I don't know if I'll be able to lose weigh because first of all, I don't believe in diet. I love to eat too much! But I do tell myself, I'll just eat 50% less and only pick non-frying, full of fat and cheese kind of food. Wait a minute, is that a diet in itself? So clueless! Hope that will help though.

My next weigh in will be this February 19, which is a month from now... in hope to see at least FIVE LBS melt away before my very eyes!

We'll see what happens :D

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