No, it wasn't me!

Jessie jots...

I'm sure it is easy to identify us if you've seen my sisters and I long enough or if you know me well. hehe However, for some reason, some just couldn't tell.

It's funny how we never look alike when we were little... not a single trace. In fact, when we were growing up no one ever say the three siblings look alike. Now, after puberty and all, we began to resemble each other, bits and traces of similarity through our hair, eyes and body shape. Isn;t that weird?

My youngest sister, I call her Siew, has never fail to make an impression of me when I am not in Malaysia. Even when I've been gone from home, some friends would contact me and continue to say that they spot me somewhere in the mall, or by the street, or even at my own home sweeping the floor... only to find that I have not return to M'sia at all.

What's funny that on so many occasion, people call her out "Jessie!", on which she actually look at that person blankly, puzzled and that person would continue to say "Jessie! You don't remember me??"

Or "Jessie!.... Hey..... Jessie!"

Some say it's so creepy, it's like talking to a ghost coz' Siew is very slow at responding. She likes to take her own time, thinking and constructing what to say. The thing with her is it can take up to at least a few seconds before you hear her say something. So when somebody came up to her with so many questions, in a high pitch voice talking in 30 words per second, that's too much for her to digest.

So after 10 seconds, she would reply, "I'm not Jessie, I'm her sister"

"Nooo... don't bluff!"

On one occasion, Jane came to my house and was suppose to pick me up to somewhere... I forgot. I know I was waiting for her at the back of the house and Siew was in the living room by the main entrance. Siew was watching TV with her back facing the main entrance.

When Jane came in, she thought she saw me.

Jane yelled out "Jessie, I'm here already."

Siew didn't respond thinking I heard Jane calling out.

Jane continue to yell "Hey, Jessie!......... Jessie!.......... Jessie!.........."

After so many calls, then only Siew decided to slowly turn to her, only to respond "Errrrr... Tar Jie (Big sis), Shuh Jiuan is here...."


I laughed so hard when I found out Jane was out there yelling for my name for a good 2 minutes before I get to attend to her.


janediva said...

No matter how hard I try to be glamorous, things like that always happen to me. WHY?? *looks up to ceiling* You both have similar facial features, same hair texture some more @$$%^@!$%$ I believe 7483542 people would agree with me.

P/S: I just realized I have many embarrassing stories from school days :s Imagine I could tell my brother 10 of my embarrassing stories at one go. Take that number and times 10 haha. Maybe I should share a fraction of them in my blog one day... beh paiseh is my middle name.

Jessie C said...

LOL It's so funny though... You are glamorous just being yourself. Yes, the 7483542 ppl agree with you that we look alike. Your stories is not embarassing, it's just really funny!

Yes do share... life is too short, laugh more!

zleenz said...

seriously.. i am confused... the photos... are u in the photos or not? ehehe.. I never met Siew, so I'm a bit confused. The blue blouse with black stripes on... is dat u or siew? uhuhuh... or did u keboof urself in this photo :P:P~