It's a New Day!

Jessie jots...

1/20/2009 is a new day!!! The president-elect has finally become the nation's historical first American African President!

Unlike Bush, in my opinion, Obama just exude so much confidence and humility, it is so easy to admire and respect him rather than to pick his flaws and laugh at them like many had done with you know who. Watching him gave the speech, the oath and conducting his way through the people, give me goosebumps and teary eyes seeing it the historical moment fly by LIVE on ABC news.

And don't get me started Michelle Obama, what a mother figure to all citizens in United States. With intelligence and poise, a feminist who carry so much confidence and wisdom, she is the First Lady I have so much admiration for. And you know what's usually behind a very successful man?

However much people have faith in this one man and with all the hope that Obama can do it all, isn't it too much to rest all our expectations on this man alone? I'm only concern. If I'm a citizen, I would already be so satisfied to see him go through the inauguration ceremony... safely.

The atmosphere in Washington is radiating with a breath of fresh air and is vibrating with hopes and dreams. The Americans can now kick off the new year with Obama's national service and face all the major challenges in the country. Yes we can... and yes we can to what we can accomplish!

Somehow I can't share this video on my blog but please do check it out. I love this music video from wil.i.am. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHWByjoQrR8

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