Christmas Day

Jessie jots...

On Christmas eve, we did our last minute grocery shopping and actually got a bouquet of flowers for the table setting upon Joey's request. We also got that two apple decor thing on each side for 50% off at Michaels and the yellow orchids on right is actually a gift from Tim and Steve, which kinda works with the rest of the table setting.

Just as we were busy preparing, setting things up the day before and making sure we have enough food for the festive day, we were also getting a little impatient, guessing from top to bottom what the heck our presents were! The socks were hanging on the wall for so long that now we understood why people do Christmas countdowns. As soon as the socks start growing fat over time, our curiosity and anxiety grew even more.

On Christmas morning itself, everyone woke up a bit earlier than usual... and you know why!

First person to go was Pipi. We dug Pipi's stuff out from her socks for her and boy was she excited! I might exaggerate it a bit as a bias mommy... but look at her in the picture. Doesn't she look like she knew?

The first item above was a red collar. We had to get her a bigger one now that she has grown in size. Her old pink collar has got so small for her neck and so this new one would do the trick telling us where she's hiding/spying/sleeping. Second is a toy loaded with cat nip with feathers on the end that flies like a shuttlecock. Fun I would say and she seems to be swatting at it a lot lately.

Next was Joey's turn and Yew Wai's turn. I don't think we want to see any of their pictures since no one has really groom themselves prior. And also, thinking of the risk that I might get abused for loading them up.

So everyone got to open their presents. I'll tell you guys what I got for Christmas. Ahem! lol

I got some really amazing presents this year. I didn't believe that Hushby got me the crystal ring that was eyeing for at Anthropology. It was quite pricey and I remember telling him how much I adore the shape and the glitters but deep inside, I really didn't care if I have it. It was just a wish.... you know how one often make wishes that are just for fun...

Like I wish to have Sarah Jessica Parker's Louboutin's shoes but not really? Coz some wishes are just plain impossible. I guess not this time ;)

Yeah, be careful of what you wish for!

As you probably guess it, Hushby broke the rule. I got my wish granted because the ring was in my sock. I have to admit, it was a pleasant surprise and I love it.

My main present, the big one that was sitting under the tree the entire time was.... A pair of shoe! Which I've already wanted to have it for a some time... Hushby seem to get clever-er and clever-er each time he gave me a present. He was never good in this department but this time, I am overjoyed! I'm already saluting him for being so skilled keeping all the items above so secretive and for truly knowing what I like.... after 7 years. haha

I don't know if it was just me but it seems that people were wearing nude color pumps/heels everywhere these days. I love this Jessica Simpsons shoes a lot... not because it's a trend but I love how comfortable and how well it goes with every outfit... especially anything that's short. It sure has a slimming effect, and if there's anyone who hate to see their legs 3 miles long, that's certainly not me!

After presents session was done, we moved on for breakfast. I made a simple egg pizza breakfast with some cheese. And then we went on watching pictures slideshow, strolling down memory lane of what we did last Christmas. It's a drastic difference from the north to the south, not to mention.

At around 3pm, I started preparing for our Christmas dinner when my kitchen helpers were still occupied watching pictures and videos we captured across 2008. The pork loin was fresh and nicely thawed for the occasion. This is another good and easy recipe from Tyler Florence, also obtained from Food Network. We only need lots of fresh sage and thyme which I snipped out of my herb garden, mixed it in with olive oil and rubbed the pork loin in a good herb oil bath.

After two hours roasting alongside with the stuffed apples, the pork is nicely done. It's cooked all over and had to rest to let the juices flow before slicing.

For the pork gravy, I scooped out all the juice that is left on the roasting pan onto the sauce pan to heat up with a couple tablespoon of flour and a cup of chicken stock. What's special in the sauce is this....

Hard Apple Cider! Taste like beer but has an apple flavor to it. It's absolutely delicious and it's full proof that this recipe can never fail you no matter how bad of a cook you are. It's really easy to make and because of that, I think the recipe might have become part of the Christmas tradition already.

For appetizer, I served Mushroom Polenta. Another easy recipe, in which I just cook some mushrooms with onions, poured white wine over it and cook it down and thicken it with some flour. When its thick, I cut the polentas into slices and pour the mushroom mixtures on top.

Joey is an absolute sweet tooth, so the Sweet Potato Marshmallow dish has to come back!

All dress up for Christmas. Me in Festive RED, which I think I once wore it for one year's Christmas and Joey in glittery nude beige top.

Once dinner is served, Hushby had to slice the roast pork because my knees were getting weak... from becoming too hungry!

Is there always something with men slicing meat? Just a thought! lol

I hate how Christmas is a time we always overeat but who can withstand these good food! At one point, we rest in the midst of engulfing ourselves by our deadly sin soon to realize, we should just grow out of it. Afterall, it's only happening once a year! hehe

To keep the mood lifted, and thankfully Pipi wasn't sleeping at that time, we started playing with Pipi. Hushby actually got a little Santa Clause hat for her which we bought from PetSmart. So we tried it on her the moment she was around and gosh, was she annoyed!

She totally hated the hat.... like totally LOATHE it in the sense she was swinging her head left and right so hard the hat flew off from her head. We got to get her wear it again a few times and had to hold her up for a picture or two or else she start swinging again.


Look like she only like to wear the hat like an apron. She didn't mind walking around like that the whole time, which was funny... she just didn't like wearing a hat.
So, that's how we spent our Christmas... eating, playing with the cat and just being overly full. Boring one might think but we had a whale of fun! :)


ooi said...

I'm hungry and salivating, after looking at all the pictures! yum yum.. fantastic pics.. i wanna go visit u for xmas next time, haha..


janediva said...

Please... don't forget me. San and I shall share the spa room!! :)

Charlotte said...
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Charlotte said...

Okay, you have to stop posting these food pictures, because they make me so jealous of your skills! The only fancy meal I made lately was when my mom and sister visited... and my sister did most of the work! But we made a delicious roasted garlic lamb shank and zucchini pancakes with feta cheese (both from Joy of Cooking).

By the way, please post a photo of the Anthropologie ring!! (I knew it was your hubby that broke the $10 limit!)