New Year, New You

Jessie jots...
Happy New Year folks! It's another new year and here's a chance for you to take a new road to the new you! Just sound like a good excuse to do so, doesn't it?

On the road to Yosemite National Park - eeriely quiet!

Allow me to reflect! Year 2008 was bitter sweet for me. Year 2007 was a good headstart but when 2008 came, almost every part of my life had to reboot. And once it does, it felt like a long uphill climb from there as I had to start from scratch. I've had moments I just dreaded it, moments I've not necessarily would enjoy looking back but I learned a lot from there.

Such as that you can cook with very minimal cooking utensils and that the most unexpected item can be useful to your survival.

Eating our lunch (stir-fry cabbage with rice and a sunny side up) on a box which was our dining table when we first move to O.C. This is what I meant when you had to reboot!

The box was our survival kit. The only thing that hold all our essentials, enough so that we could drink, eat and wash ourselves.

And physically losing friends who were the reminders of our root.

To depart from people who supported and BELIEVE in all that you do.

And to let go of something I truly enjoy doing: to be contributive in active charitable work as a paid feminist.

And then above all these, we continue to be bombarded with more news of the worsen political states both in Malaysia and in the US, the economy slowdown, the job retrenching, the shocking numbers of natural disasters. Of course despite it all, we're lucky Yew Wai and I not directly affected and 2008 was nice to us just that. *touch wood*

But to all that we had to lose, we gain some back.

The opportunity to travel to various places.

The chance to reunite with friends and most importantly, family eventhough being so far away.

And to find the cutest feline in the whole wide world (there, I'm bias again!).

Sorry I've been so behind. I was beginning to lose momentum on writing at one point and losing inspiration at the same time... until I started reading my own blog and going back on the archives. Now that I see the fruits of what the blog really ended up to be, I felt like it has been worth it since I started writing. Can't believe it has been a year!

Anyway, now that I'm done self-reflecting, I'm jumping on the bandwagon and be a copy cat. Just like every ordinary people making their own new year's resolutions, I wanna make mine too!

Resolution #1: To see others and myself with kinder eyes. Nobody is perfect and no critics should be taken seriously.
Resolution #2: To purchase as much organic food and free-range meat as possible.
Resolution #3: To exercise at least 4 times a week, be it cardio or strength.
Resolution #4: To read a book at least once every two months.
Resolution #5: To live in the most positive, appreciative and loving way possible for myself as well as for others.

I'll want to look at this post entry again half a year from now and see if I'm on track. In fact, let's make it 3 months from now... I'll let you guys know how I'm doing.

What is your resolution?


Anonymous said...

my new year resolution is to have no resolution this year.. hahaha..


zleenz said...

ahahha... heppi new year...
live life cool... ;-)