The days before Christmas

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Believe it or not, like Thanksgiving, this year is my first time celebrating Christmas... like REALLY, really celebrating it. Cooking, decorating, dressing up for it and buying presents. I felt extra motivated this year, partly coz' my sister was visiting from Minnesota and the little furry addition to our family, miss Pipi.

Sorry that this entry came a bit late. I was drafting it one day but didn't have a chance to upload pictures and all. And since I just injured myself and lost a bit of mobility freedom, I'm going to take this chance to write before the blog grows cobwebs.

Dressing up for the occasion was fun, especially when you never had a chance to do so. This time, I gave myself no excuse and let ourselves be invited for Hushby's company Christmas party. I didn't know how formal the event was going to be and I didn't want to spend more money on more garments. The closet is going to burst.

I dug out a couple of tops and skirts I haven't wore for ages! Literally, ages. I last seen the halter neck top was in 2002. And the skirt which I bought from BM plaza, has never seen daylight. Surprisingly, the two pair up well together. So easy job there to assemble the outfit. Next, I just volumnized my hair with some wax and then, put on some make up and I was set to go.

During that time too, we went shopping for a little Christmas tree. I didn't want anything too big since living space is limited. I was happy to find this fiber light Christmas tree in Target for only $20 when its original price was $40. Coincidently I have this small stool which I cover with 2 yards of discounted felt cloth for the Christmas tree to stand just a tad higher. Then, we adorn it with some obligated Christmas presents and voila, Christmas mood was on!

Then of course, who can forget christmas lights. They were cheap and easy to get too. So why not?

We also got these socks from Target. And we told each other to get 3 presents for under $10 (only to find out somebody actually broke the rule!)

I had to quickly scramble my way through, prepare all the Christmas gift and get everything clean up (Jane, here's where the maid scene came in! LOL) before the arrival of the mighty Joey Chiang! Her flight was suppose to be arrive LAX on Dec 20 at 11pm. Knowing she's arriving later at night, Hushby and I went out for dinner and rented a movie to watch, just to kill enough time until we start driving at 10pm to get to LAX.

And then Joey's came, she told us the flight is going to delay for a long time. So we stay up somemore as the plane they were going to take is still in Denver, CO. That's crazy I thought but due to the blizzard, everything up north went bezerk. And then another call, delay again for two hours. And then another call, another hour. By the time we got home from the airport and all, Joey and I slept at sunrise. It was a crazy night but oh well, we're just thankful she arrived safely.

First thing that morning (or rather afternoon), we went for Taiwanese porridge because what could be better than something light and home made? :)

First day of Joey's arrival, we didn't do much. Not only was she experiencing jet lag, we were too! Since none of us slept well, it was only better for us to laze around at home.

Second day of Joey's visit, we went to a local place for breakfast called Bon Jour. From the sound of it, you know it's French. And she had a crepe craving.... so...

After that, we went window shopping at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. It's about 25 minutes drive north of my place and it takes equal amount of time just looking for a parking space. What was I thinking?! Why join in the Christmas shopping crowd... guess I wasn't thinking thoroughly. At least it was fun while it last. And also just for the thrill of it, we went trying on designers shoes are Bloomingdales... names like Prada, Ferragamo, you get the idea... boy oh boy, those designers shoes are something! Even my feet was tingling at some point hahaha!

So, with Joey visiting, the cat got extra attention and she's loving it! Clever Pipi, she thinks Joey is a toy. So she kept biting Joey out of the blues because Joey didn't know how to discipline her. She doesn't bite us like that but with Joey, she loves the rough and tumble play. At least my guest is being entertained. haha hope she is not all bruised when she goes back to MN!

Days before Christmas, it was raining like cats and dogs. Locals said California only rain 30 days out of year. I think we have already experienced the 30 days. And it was Pipi's first few times seeing the rain, so she really enjoy looking at rain drops and play with them as if they were bugs. Once I discovered that, she was quite wet. Before she could even rebel, I knew I had to shampoo this smelly cat (which kind of reminds me of Phoebe's songs from Friends) and get her all clean up before Christmas.

So that was it for the days before Christmas report... I will update what happen on Christmas.
By the way, Happy New Year to all my friends! Have a wonderful 2009 year ahead and may the year bring you many good opportunities plus wonderful luck in everything you do!

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